Jon Jones is finding new and ‘creative’ ways to bide his time.

The suspended former UFC light heavyweight champion is awaiting his official suspension from USADA after testing positive for anabolic steroid Turinabol in conjunction with his knockout win over Daniel Cormier in the main event of last summer’s UFC 214, a failure which ‘Bones’ swears he is innocent for (again).

While he does so, he’s staying active on social media to keep his name in the news, and he did just that with an unofficial fan Q&A last night. Not surprisingly, things got a little weird courtesy of a U.K.-based fan who told ‘Bones’ he had just told his grandma about him and she now wanted to FaceTime with the former champ:

Jones responded quickly, somewhat creepily asking if the fan’s grandmother was single:

The fan was apparently ecstatic to hear Jones’ interest in his grandma, offering his ‘permission’ for the disgraced would-be legend to pursue her:

Jones then confirmed he would speak to the granny on Snapchat by telling his all-too-eager fan to send him her account details:

As expected, the back-and-forth prompted a lovely exchange of mostly hateful dialect directed at both Jones and the fan, which of course the fan responded to nearly every one.

Welcome to the Internet, folks. It’s a strange place.

As for Jones, we still don’t know when we’ll see him back in the cage, but he could be facing a rather lengthy suspension for his third failed drug test in as many years.