Jon Fitch: "I think im better then jake shields, i should be fighting for the title"

Jon Fitch was speaking in Austrailia about the UFCs welterweight title picture, and me made it pretty clear who he thinks the number 1 conetender is. But instead of thinking about the welterweight title picture Mr.Fitch needs to be focused on a very game opponent in The Prodigy.

“i think i’m better than Jake, i think i should be fighting for the title, but ive been given a huge oppurtunity here to fight B.J. Penn and thats a big fight, belt or no belt.”

“We’re in a sport of selling fights right now, and the sport’s growing, we’re trying to get international, trying to get into every country, every househood, and part of that is ticket sales and the idea that jake shields is coming over from strikeforce with two belts. I understand that it’s a business decision.

 I feel if i can put in a fantastic performace with B.J there’s no denying a title shot”