Joe Rogan’s reaction to the UFC-Reebok errors, unlike Dana White, is refreshingly honest. More people need to be as frank as Rogan…

The UFC is going through a pretty rough patch in the media lately. With a myriad of failed drug tests and controversial happenings involving their biggest draws, the last thing they need is more shtick from the Reebok sponsorship deal. The partnership with the sports giant has become more of a running joke than a serious statement, and the most recent errors from the production line have been getting more and more offensive.

Stupid hiccups involving the map of Ireland minus Northern Ireland, labelling Rafael dos Anjos the ‘interim champion’ and a ‘power bottom’ are just a very brief highlight of the now notorious flub-filled deal. Although UFC president Dana White is more focused n spinning the deal in a positive light than actually reacting honestly, color commentator Joe Rogan doesn’t subscribe to the same level of deceit.

Check out the quotes from his latest podcast episode, as transcribed by the forum users on Reddit:

Rogan: Did you see the latest Reebok fuck-up?

Demetrious Johnson: (laughs) “Anderson Aldo?”

Rogan: “Anderson Aldo” T-shirts! And, they wrote Anthony Pettis’ nickname as “The Mauler.”

DJ: Are you serious?

Rogan: YES. I swear to God, it feels like someone inside of Reebok is trying to sabotage the company. It’s so retarded! The mistakes are so frequent and so bad! The misspellings of the names, over and over and over again. It’s like – do you have a single person that’s paying attention to that shit?

DJ: There’s a lot of people, but I understand they could have one person, like “your job is to make sure before the product goes out, you check the fucking name.”

Rogan: Well, who the fuck is the guy that said “yes” to any of those shirts? How about that guy? Who’s that guy?! Who’s that guy that looked at those kits? Who’s the guy that told them they should wear white shorts? Do y’know, there’s blood and dirt and all kinds of shit …

DJ: Hey, that’s why I rock the black, my friend. Black and gold.

Rogan: That’s a good move. That’s a very good move. The shitty design, all the above, right?

DJ: It happens, man.

Rogan: Goddammit. (End quotes)

Indeed the UFC Reebok deal is turning out to be much more hassle for the promotion than they ever would have hoped.You can’t help but ponder where the joke is in all this error-filled clothing line. Is there something we are missing?

For now, check out another hilarious Joe Rogan reaction:


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