Joe Rogan labels Jon Anik the “best” for UFC 278 performance: “It’s the best call ever.”

Joe Rogan, Jon Anik, UFC

Long-time UFC commentator Joe Rogan has praised Jon Anik for a perfectly-timed call at UFC 278. The podcast host has called his fair share of fights during his career but one sticks out from the rest and it belongs to his pay-per-view partner. 

During a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, the 55-year-old said Anik’s performance during the Kamaru Usman-Leon Edwards title fight at UFC 278 solidified him as the best UFC commentator in company history. 

Right before Edwards landed a fight-ending leg kick, Anik acknowledged his unwavering mentality. 

Right when it was about to happen, Jon Anik actually set it up,” Rogan said. “There was a quote that he said right before Leon knocked him out… Jon Anik’s the best of all time. He’s the best. ‘That is not the cloth from which he was cut.’ Bam, and then the knockout. It’s the perfect call. It’s the best call ever… Bro, that’s Shakespeare.”

Jon Anik is the f*cking man… It’s the greatest call of all time. It doesn’t get any better. Every now and then, the words and the moment line up, and you’re like, that’s the perfect call,” Rogan said. (h/t

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Jon Anik Became Synonymous With UFC commentary in 2017

Jon Anik became the UFC’s lead commentator after the departure of Mike Goldberg. The Boston native relies on a large-amount of research to prepare for each event. He writes key notes on each fighter, including information on their coaches, training partners and life outside of fighting. 

“I have 30 fighters to prepare for,” Anik said. “And once I get to fight week, there are a lot of different demands on my time and things that will come up randomly, whether it’s media requests or otherwise. Sometimes I’ll lose big chunks of the day so I start my process 10 days out.” (h/t Bloody Elbow)

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Along with being a commentator, Anik is also a co-host for the “Anik and Florian Podcast”. He also completes media obligations ahead of each event. Anik has a hectic schedule but maximizes his effort into calling some of the best fights in UFC history.