Jamie Varner: 2016 Return At Welterweight Is ‘Very Likely’

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Retired former WEC champion and exciting UFC lightweight Jamie Varner had a tough run in the latter part of his MMA career, losing four fights on the trot and suffering a run of hindering injuries. Eventually it was potential brain damage that saw ‘C-4’ hang up the gloves, putting to rest a career that had spanned 12 years with 35 fights.

Well, in this recent interview with MMA Digest, Varner revealed that a return to fighting in 2016 is on the cards. For those of you still using dial up connections, we’ve transcribed some quotes for you:

“Well, it depends on how my doctors appointments go, but it’s very very likely that I make a return in 2016. Am I worried about head injuries? Yeah, that’s why I retired and why I haven’t fought in all of 2015. I had multiple concussions back-to-back, and a lot was due to my weight cuts and being dehydrated. I had no nutrition and essentially when you dehydrate yourself your brain rests on the bone and it’s a lot easier to get concussion.”

“As long as my doctors say it’s OK, and it’s a good decision, then yeah, I’m gonna go for it. I have another doctors appointment in October. I’ll probably have to do 2-3 fights on a smaller show (before going back to the UFC), but most likely I’d go back to the UFC, unless Bellator came at me with an insane amount of money.”

Varner also revealed he would no longer cutting to lightweight, and that would probably be the best move in terms of his health. He would likely be at a disadvantage in terms of size, but the brain health issue far exceeds the importance of reach etc. So get ready to see ‘C-4’ as a welterweight.

Check out the full periscope fan Q&A above, and stay tuned to LowKickMMA!


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