Hendo Blasts Jon Jones: I Heard He Was Doing These Things For Years

Jon Jones cocaine

UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones is getting dragged through the mud a little this week, after a startling revelation about a failed drug test in 2014. Currently in rehabilitation and receiving full support of the UFC, however controversial that alone is, “Bones” is having a serious assassination attempt on his character right now.

UFC middleweight/light-heavyweight and Pride FC legend Dan Henderson recently came out the woodwork and had a pop at Jones for being fake, and that was before the ‘Jon Jones cocaine saga’ had even been made public. Now with a little more ammo, Hendo really goes off on the troubled light-heavyweight champ. Check out what he told FOX Sports:

“I enjoy the sport quite a bit and it’s fun for me to do. I love the challenge of it and everything else.  Maybe it’s staying away from the cocaine that’s made me prolong my career so long, I’ve heard that he was doing these things for a couple years,” Henderson said about Jones.  “I’ve said in a number of interviews especially when I was going to fight him that he just wasn’t a very genuine of a person.  He portrays himself differently than he actually is.  Slowly but surely more and more things happen that prove that statement to be true.”

Wow, don’t hold back Dan. The bad blood between Henderson and the champion goes back to UFC 151, after the ageing Hendo was injured and lost his 205-pound title shot at “Bones”. A few old man jokes by Jones later, and it looks like “Dangerous” Dan is out for revenge. He continues:

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“With the DUI that he’s had and now testing positive for cocaine, he’s not acting as a good role model for kids and nobody the UFC would want as a role model for kids growing up that watch the UFC,” Henderson said.  “It’s a shame, it’s unfortunate that he is that way but we’ll see what he does with it.  It would be refreshing if he could come out and just act the way he actually is and I think people would actually embrace that more than being a fake.”

“I just have no respect for him as a person,” Henderson said.  “Even before I heard that he tested positive, I didn’t have that respect for him.  As a fighter, he absolutely has every fighter’s respect as far as what his talents are, but as a person I just don’t respect guys that talk the way he does about people, are arrogant the way that he is, and act holier than thou but really they’re dirtier than thou. It’s unfortunate that he’s in a position to be a role model and portrays himself that way.  Hopefully, he doesn’t put a bad name on the sport.”

The Jon Jones cocaine situation seems to have left a bad taste in the mouth of an old enemy in the form of Dan Henderson. Is he taking the approach that most fans wanted to see, or simply kicking a downed man that he disliked already? Either way, the old school MMA legend Hendo still pulls no punches.

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