Check Out Gus Johnson’s New Clothing Line

If you aren’t on the cusp of sports fashion like we are, you probably haven’t heard the news that Strikeforce commentator Gus Johnson has recently started his own clothing line, called “Rise and Fire,” after the football and basketball play-by-play man’s oft-used signature catchphrase.

In the video above, GuJo talks about why he started the company and his aspirations to make Rise and Fire the next FuBu or Roca Wear.

Somehow, with designs like this one that looks like it was lifted from a Santa Cruz skateboard, we have our doubts.

Since Gus is our homie who sometimes calls us late at night to discuss his work problems, we thought we’d offer him a few design suggestions that would appeal to the MMA crowd.

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Check them out after the jump.

Gus Johnson Clothes

If you wouldn’t wear these shirts, you’re not a fan of MMA, period.