GSP on Koscheck and TUF 12

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Last week filming of TUF 12 began with coaches George St Pierre and Number one contender Josh Koscheck. The two film face each other once again at the end of the show which should be sometime in late December.

Coaching on TUF: It’s a good experience to offer my knowledge to the guys. It’s going to be a completely different season than every other season before. A lot of things have happened and a lot of people will see a different side of my personality coaching against Josh Koscheck

Thoughts on Josh Koscheck: For sure I get angry, I get mad, and sometimes I want to say bad things but I am a martial artist. I stand for something and I fight for something and it’s not my style to talk like that even though sometimes it’s hard. It’s a lot harder to not [talk smack] than to let yourself go and be disrespectful. That is my nature. I want to take the high road.

It’s going to be the toughest challenge. He’s very skilled and he’s the kind of fighter that is very well rounded. A lot of the guys that I have fought are good on the ground or on the feet, but they have holes in their game. Koscheck is like me; he’s not the best striker, not the best wrestler, not the best Jiu-Jitsu guy, but he can do it all so it’s going to be interesting. You’re going to see a mix of different things; it’s going to be good.

TUF 12 premieres September 15, 2010 after UFC Fight Night 22

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