Gina Carano Putting MMA On Hold To Continue Movie Career

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It has been rumored quite a bit over the past year of Gina Carano possibly making a comeback to MMA to take part in what would be a women’s super fight against reigning UFC bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey.

Carano has been absent from the cage for over five years, but she has always been considered the pioneer of women’s MMA and one of the best to ever do it. A fight between her and Rousey is certainly one of the biggest fights the UFC could put on; however, it may not be happening for quite some time.

Carano is currently an actress and has been in several movies, which has always been the major problem. However, UFC president Dana White has previously stated numerous times that a deal was close to done or that he was confident they would sign Carano, but it doesn’t look so close anymore.

Carano’s manager, Scott Karp, told’s Ariel Helwani that the former fighter would be filming two movies to end the year. She will be taking part in “Bus 657” along side Robert DeNiro and then filming another movie in December. This puts the chance of Carano returning to the cage on hold until at least next year, if she is even considering it at all anymore.

The UFC had even attempted to make Rousey vs. Carano for the end of this year but that is now totally out of the question. “Rowdy” has previously said that this a fight she wants and it would be an honor to fight Carano. She credits Carano with helping build the women’s side of the sport. After all, Carano drew millions of viewers when she did fight and she also took part in arguably the biggest women’s fight of all-time against Cris Cyborg.

Despite the star power that Rousey and Carano both possess, many fans and media members have criticized this potential matchup. Carano has not stepped in the cage in so long that it would be an extremely tough for her to take on the best in the world right away.

Even if you are a critic to this idea, it’d be hard not to watch such an exciting fight. Will White ever be able to persuade Carano to leave Hollywood for a return to the cage? That doesn’t appear to be the case right now.