Eddie Hearn fires back at Jake Paul for accusations of fixing fights with a potential lawsuit

Eddie Hearn, Jake Paul

Eddie Hearn made it clear he will not tolerate any talks of potential fight fixing from Jake Paul.

Paul had recently weighed in on the controversial scoring from boxing judge Glenn Feldman, who provided seemingly biased scorecards in his recent fights including athletes under Hearn’s Matchroom boxing promotion. “The Problem Child” took issue with Feldman’s take on Katie Taylor vs. Amanda Serrano, where he scored the fight for Taylor by the biggest margin of any judge in April.

Eddie Hearn fires back at Jake Paul for accusations of fixing fights

Following Taylor’s monumental win over Serrano, Paul accused Hearn and his camp of fixing fights. Hearn shared his thoughts on Paul’s claims with a decisive response.

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“I hate all that but at the end of the day sometimes you’ve got to teach these people,” Hearn told Boxing Social. “You’ve got two options really — you can chin him or sue him. I’m not around him, I’m not going to chin him anyways. I hate it but it’s like it’s so idiotic and it’s actually disrespectful to the sport that he knows nothing about.

“Firstly he says ‘why does Eddie Hearn keep using these judges?’ I don’t use any judges. The commission selects all judges and various commissions around the world. By the way, Glenn Feldman is one of the best judges, speak to anyone in the sport. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. To make those allegations, really it pissed me off and actually upset me. It’s actually led me to take it further.” (ht MMA Fighting)

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Hearn is taking the issue seriously and wants an apology from Paul to repair the defamation.

“I want an official apology from him and if he won’t then we’ll see what we have to do,” Hearn said. “But I’m not having our name in this business defamed and the integrity of what we do. It’s very important to us and our love for the sport by some geezer that has no idea what he’s talking about.

“Listen, he’s good for the sport, we have a laugh, he’s average, he don’t like me, Taylor-Serrano, etc. That’s another level that is. So that will be dealt with.”