Darren Till says he will be rooting for Mike Perry who takes on Tim Means at UFC 255 this Saturday (November 21).

Perry shocked the world in October when he announced he would be auctioning off a place in his corner team at UFC 255. Till who has a very hostile relationship with Perry immediately put himself forward as a candidate, offering $5000 to Perry for the chance to corner him. The Englishman quickly set up a GoFundMe page to help raise money which he promised would all go to his rival. UFC boss Dana White shut down Perry’s auction and the dream was over for Till who told ESPN reporter Ariel Helwani he was genuinely excited about the prospect of helping Perry at UFC 255, he said.

“I was being 100% sincere. I wanted to corner him, I wanted to speak to him, I wanted to fight him in the back after his fight. I want him to win Saturday. I am always rooting for him, even though I know deep down he hates me.”

Helwani previously confirmed Perry is set to be accompanied by his pregnant girlfriend, Latory Gonzalez and an unknown long-time pal when he square off against Means this weekend.

“Mike Perry returns this weekend. His corner, per his manager Abraham Kawa, will be his (pregnant) girlfriend and a long-time friend of his who isn’t a fighter. Darren Till did not make the cut.”

Perry later confirmed he does have a third person helping him prepare for his fight against Means. Unfortunately, that person is not allowed into the arena during the event.

“My third is not allowed, he is coming to help with preparation but will not be allowed to enter the apex,” Perry wrote on Twitter.

Do you think Darren Till would’ve done a good job in the Mike Perry corner?

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