Dana White Unveils New Meeting With Conor McGregor

Conor and Dana

UFC President Dana White says he has a new meeting set up with Conor McGregor, who hasn’t stepped foot in the cage since 2016.

McGregor infamously got himself into hot water (as well as legal trouble) after attacking a bus containing UFC fighters in Brooklyn right before UFC 223. “Notorious” was looking for his nemesis Khabib Nurmagomedov, but ended up injuring several other fighters while Khabib went unharmed.

White told TMZ on Wednesday that he will be meeting with McGregor on June 18th, after an attempted meeting during the weekend of UFC Liverpool didn’t end up happening for whatever reason:

”He and I are meeting on the 18th of this month. I don’t know whats gonna happen. I don’t know what Conor has planned. I don’t know what Conor and his team have worked on.”

McGregor will be in Brooklyn on Thursday for another court appearance regarding his arrest for the bus attack. The Irishman faces charges of assault, which has kept him sidelined until the case is adjudicated.

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He and White have another date set to hash things out and hopefully get McGregor back into the cage soon. While he did box Floyd Mayweather last August, McGregor hasn’t defended either of his UFC titles he earned nor has he fought in the octagon almost two years.

Do you expect to see McGregor back in the UFC anytime soon? Or will White’s meeting with McGregor get canceled again?