Dana White Responds To UFC-ESPN+ PPV Shift

Dana White
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UFC President Dana White calls the promotions recent ESPN+ pay-per-view deal ‘the right move at the right time’.

The organization also extended its broadcast deal with ESPN, keeping the relationship together until 2025. But the biggest news of the day was the announcement that U.S. pay-per-view customers will only be able to find events on ESPN+.

“This was the right move at the right time,” White said (h/t MMAJunkie). “ESPN has been an incredible partner in just a short amount of time. Everything works together.”

The announcement has already been met with skepticism. However, White believes that everyone will be better off and that fans especially should be thrilled to have all of the UFC’s content in one place (so much for Fight Pass).

“We’re both aligned with our goals and what we want to do, so it’s going to be so much better for the fans,” White said. “Obviously in the beginning change is weird, everybody hates change, but once we get dialed in, it’s going to be amazing.”

Still, White is used to doubters. After all he has been in this game making controversial decisions for the last two decades. Surprisingly enough, many of his seemingly far fetched ideas work.

“When will you stop doubting me?” White said. “It’s been (expletive) 20 years now. When will you stop doubting me?”

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