Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner Craig Jones is set to put his career on the line as he travels to Los Angeles to take on Gabi Garcia in an intergender grappling match.

Garcia has been pursuing an intergender match-up for some time now.  

The Brazilian called out Gordon Ryan in the aftermath of her loss to Nathiely De Jesus earlier this year.

“Gordon, any time man,“ Garcia said. “I think it is an easy fight against you than against these girls, they’re small and it’s hard for me, but against you… Let’s go man…” (Transcribed by Attack The Back)

Ryan is set to face former UFC fighter Vagner Rocha and #1 ranked middleweight grappler Vagner Rocha next. The pair previously fought to a draw in 2016. Ryan has also recently signed with ONE Championship and is likely to step into MMA into the near future, meaning his calendar is full.

Garcia, despite failing to get her top target has secured a big name for the intergender match-up.

Craig Jones took to Instagram to announce he is about to travel to face Garcia and will put his career on the line when doing so.

“Sunday, flying into LA to fight Gabi Garcia,” Craig Jones said. “We’ll do a no time limit match in her gym and we’ll stream that free, supposedly, yeah. 100-percent [it’s happening]. Hopefully [it goes] well for me (laughs). Otherwise, if I lose I’ll retire. If I lose to Gabi I’ll retire. Just no time limit, sub only. Obviously, a lot of people think it’s a joke, but just because of the interest we thought why not? Jump in. Flo Grappling wouldn’t touch it but we’ll stream it free.” (Transcribed by

Who do you think will emerge victorious from this sub-only intergender grappling match? Craig Jones or Gabi Garcia

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