Conor McGregor Offers Brutal One-Word Response To Mayweather Ending UFC Rumors

Steve Flynn for USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this evening, Floyd Mayweather mercifully put an end to the ridiculous rumors circling that he was headed out of retirement to fight in the UFC.

He insisted that he was only saying he could make a billion dollars for three to four fights in the Octagon, not that he was actually going to.

It was a predictable, albeit perhaps soon considering the recent publicity, response from the master of self-promotion, as many were correctly certain he would not put his undefeated 50-0 legacy on the line to fight under a ruleset where he held little to no discernable advantage.

A mixed martial arts bout with lightweight champion Conor McGregor, whom he beat via tenth-round TKO in their highly-publicized boxing match this August, would absolutely be one of if not the most-watched UFC bouts ever aired, yet it appears it’s not going to happen for the time being. Already living the high life on the heels of his rumored $100 million payday to box Mayweather, McGregor may be a little perturbed to find out he won’t get a second one in his realm of expertise.

The Irish star tweeted out a simple one-word response to Mayweather’s decision to end a UFC comeback, and you probably won’t be surprised which word it was:

With nothing resembling concrete plans for a first title defense for “The Notorious,” it’s hardly a surprise to see him blast Mayweather for taking another monstrous windfall of cash from him, because it seems like that’s all he really cares about as he shoves referees, slaps security guards, and even reportedly mixes it up with Irish mob in Dublin pubs.

A big payday will await him in the UFC should he ever return, but it most likely won’t be anything close to the one he got for boxing Mayweather, and he knows it. UFC owners Endeavor do too, and they also know they’re in dire need of a true needle-moving bout after a lackluster 2017.

That’s why we can’t count out Mayweather one day fighting in the Octagon completely because UFC ownership knows he may hold the key to the most over-the-top spectacle they can find next year as they attempt to pay back their massive loans and negotiate a new television contract.

And “Money’s” been known to use his own brand of misdirection, so don’t be surprised if this isn’t the last we’ve heard of this.