Former UFC champion Conor McGregor ‘doesn’t care’ as influencer boxers reign down insults.

Celebrity boxing and exhibitions have been around for decades, but the bizarre world of influencer boxing continues to grow into something that combat sports has never seen before. It relentlessly seeps into the mainstream of boxing and MMA, even luring stars from professional backgrounds to compete in their events, as they further attempt to legitimize their standing in the space.

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It was announced last month that KSI, one of the leading figures in influencer boxing, would take on Dillon Danis on January 14.

Danis, a former BJJ world champion and 2-0 pro-MMA fighter, rose to prominence as a friend and training partner of Conor McGregor. KSI has, of course, used this relationship to attach McGregor to the fight, taunting the Irishman on Twitter, and evoking a response.

Brother you’re a friendly little nerd I don’t care. He should be back doing mma if he is doing this little nothing burger match with you. I couldn’t care less about this genre of boxing, I am sorry. Have a good one.‘- Conor McGregor

Of course, both Paul brothers would jump at this opportunity, both using the time to boast of their fighting prowess.

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‘“Genre of boxing” ?? Boxing is boxing. I’m a YouTuber & I still did more damage to Floyd than you’– Paul
‘You fight for belts? Last time you fought for a belt was 4 years ago. Lost 3 of your last 4 fights. I would knock you out in the squared circle with one hand tied behind my back. To be fair, in the cage I would need two hands. But same result.’- Paul

Are you like Conor McGregor or do you care about influencer boxing?