Brock Lesnar is one of the biggest stars in UFC history but the former heavyweight champion has never been an avid watcher of MMA.

Lesnar, a native of South Dakota competed as a professional mixed martial artist on nine separate occasions – eight of which came under the UFC banner.

The current WWE superstar most recently made the walk in a surprise return to the sport at UFC 200 in July 2016, battling to a decision win over Mark Hunt, a result that has since been overturned to a no-contest.

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During a recent appearance on The Michael Kay Show, Lesnar explained that he very rarely watches TV and when he does it’s to catch big NFL or UFC events.

“I’m not a huge TV guy,” Lesnar said. “Never have been. Honestly, I haven’t. I tuned into the Super Bowl, didn’t catch the halftime show, but I did go back and watch it, I watched it on YouTube. But I never, like I don’t watch the UFC. Even when I was competing, I would go back and watch some of my film, but I never, you know, sat down and (watched). I can’t honestly say, maybe I’ve rented a half a dozen Pay-Per-Views.” (Transcribed by

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Brock Lesnar Recently Closed The Door On His MMA Career

Lesnar has often been linked to a UFC return but that part of his life is over. The 43-year-old officially closed the door on his MMA career during a recent interview with The New York Post.

“That door is closed,” Brock Lesnar said. “You know what, Dana White, the Fertitta brothers (Frank and Lorenzo) were exceptional to me. I’m too old. That’s a young man’s sport, and that door is closed. I’m Brock Lesnar, the WWE Superstar.” 

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Are you surprised to hear Brock Lesnar is not really a fan of watching MMA events?