Former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub told another hilarious story about Colby Covington on an episode of his show ‘Food Truck Diaries”.

The clip has been making its way around the internet and has been providing a lot of laughs in the process.

According to Schaub, Covington hired two models to spend the day around him during their taping of Schaub’s show. Covington then asked one of the girls to rub his shoulders. She said no, as did the other girl that was there. Schaub had former UFC flyweight and bantamweight champ Henry Cujedo on while recalling the story. (H/T

“He did his gimmick and this is the best part, he rented two chicks and I was like ‘do you have to do this?’ and he was like ‘I’m sorry man, I got to.’ So, they don’t know who he is and they hate being in there. They may have been strippers, I don’t know. Lovely ladies. So when they’re back he goes…you can tell he is always thinking, he goes ‘oh, while I’m talking to Brendan, can one of you rub my shoulders?’ and she goes ‘I’m not rubbing your f**king shoulders’,” said Schaub.

Covington has been on record as saying that he does these things to get the fans talking about him more. He says that entertainment is a big part of the game that is way he changes into another person when the cameras are on.

“That’s what it’s all about. That’s why the fans pay their hard earned money for. They are not paying to see people who are going to be like ‘Oh, I’ll fight anybody’. They’re just boring, you know? You need to create yourself as a character and it’s the entertainment business,” said Covington

Covington is scheduled to face Karmru Usman again for the welterweight belt in November at UFC 268.

Your can watch the full episode of Colby Covington with Schaub on Food Truck Diaries below.

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