It looks like the UFC has put the final nail in Brendan Schaub’s MMA career, as the heavyweight has clearly rubbed the Zuffa brass the wrong way with his recent comments…

Former Ultimate Fighter contestant and UFC heavyweight veteran Brendan Schaub has been out of octagon action since his December 2014 TKO loss to Travis Browne. The former AFL and NFL Buffalo Bills practice player suffered two straight losses after building some momentum against Matt Mitrione and Lavar Johnson, but his drop in form proved to be enough to make ‘Big Brown’ consider his options.

After an emotional confrontation with Joe Rogan during one of their podcasts together, it was clear that Schaub needed to make a very tough decision. At this stage in his athletic career, and with his own ‘Fighter and The Kid’ podcast featuring Bryan Callen taking off, the 11-fight UFC veteran decided to step away from the sport. But it wasn’t only the two most recent losses that had Schaub thinking twice about fighting again.

Brendan Schaub
The face Schaub likely made when hearing about the UFC Reebok deal…

It’s no coincidence that ‘Big Brown’s’ hiatus and the introduction of the controversial UFC-Reebok deal run parallel to each other, in fact Schaub has been one of the most vocal opposer’s to the lambasted partnership. He, and many others of course, revealed they’d be making untenable losses in sponsorship checks because of the new stringent pay structure. It seems Schaub was priced out of the promotion he’d fought the most of his career in, and he’s been voicing his opinion regularly on the subject.

Even going as far as calling out UFC president Dana White for being greedy and ruthless in his tactics, the rift between Schaub and his employers was starting to grow.


“I don’t think you become head of the NFL or the UFC by having good morals and looking out for peoples’ best interest. You just don’t. Because you’re Scrooge McDuck and all you see is dollars.”

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Funny how his podcast is hosted by UFC on FOX’s Youtube channel…

Here’s the comments that landed Schaub in the hot water with the UFC…

“Compare this to the UFC, how about Jon Jones and Vitor Belfort. We know Vitor juiced to the gills could possibly injury Jon Jones, they go, ‘ahh just don’t tell anyone, let him fight.’

“What if he wheel kicks Jon Jones, busts his eye, Jon’s career is over? ‘I know, but it’s a big PPV, we need this.’ That’s the way of the game. You don’t become president of any of these major sports leagues by being a good person.”

“If Bryan Callen had two rich friends who gave him endless amounts of money to run anything, Bryan Callen’s going to be successful. 99% of the world is. It’s not that impressive.”

“Jose Aldo, if he’s almost dead cutting weight, do you think Dana White gives a f*ck?”