Low Blows: Eight Crushing Groin Shots That Will Make You Cringe

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‘Cojones’, your ‘manhood’, your nuts. These are just a few playful terms men use to describe our downstairs friends. They’re good to us, really – they provide us with courage when we need it, while also assisting with the creation of testosterone and obviously, breeding.

Unlike women, however, the male reproductive system lays outside of the body cavity, making it an easy victim for attack. In this article, we have compiled eight instances where fighters were at the receiving end of woefully placed attacks in the groin region.

Some times the strikes cause an end to the fight, some men have rallied back, and some lose as a result – but deserve it (see last page).

Although the prospect of another man’s private parts getting assaulted may make some uneasy, it is important to remember that the purpose of this list is not to gawk, but rather take lessons from. Let’s take his analogy into consideration: Say you have a pet you care about deeply, and you find out that they don’t have that long to live, you’d spend more time with them while you could, right?

Unfortunately, most situations like that do no provide warning, as is life. So with that example in mind, take into consideration that these eight fighters had no idea and no warning of the destruction that their privates was about to fall victim to. Don’t you think they would have spent more quality time with their nethers had they known the result of the bout before hand? Yes.

Run down the list, cringe here and there, and use every example as another reason to appreciate your balls (or ovaries for our female readers).

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