UFC 121 took place on October 23 2010 in Anaheim California. The Card itself was one of the best this year, at least in paper. But the Main event was one of the most anticipated fights in the Heavyweight division history.

Undefeated Cain Velasquez face the supose unbeatable super human Brock Lesnar , but the result was not the one most people was expecting , less than 5 mins of the fight the Champion was down and beat up while the Challenger was standing with no visible damage at all. Cain Velasquez defeat Brock Lesnar by TKO(punches) in the very first round of the fight.

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After this, crazy rumors have begun to apper i found it funny so i decided to share. and at the end you will know the truth.

Rumors :

1- Lesnar was nervous before the fight, so he decide to drink a few Coronas to relax , since he thought he drinks Miller light like water the Coronas wont do nothing to him, but end up drunk and thats why he fell and try to do the Diego Sanchez yes carwheels.

2- Someone gave to Lesnar a burrito full with roofies , but since hes so big he still manage to stay awake and fight for almost 5 mins.

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3- Lesnar beard took away his super human strenght .

4- The Mexican Mafia thread Lesnar , so it was lose the fight or lose his life.

5- Someone throw a jalapeño to Brock Lesnar eye ,while walking to the ring, thats why he push the cop for not doing his job, his eye was burning so thats why he could not see Cain punches coming.



The Truth  : Cain Velasquez got a big cut in training weeks before the fight, so he went to the Hospital and got a blood trasfusion , because his blood type was so rare it took longer than he expected, but just before he die they found a compatible blood type , yes it was Chuck Norris Blood.

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So as you all noticed all this previous rumors are ridiculous , because we all know Chuck Norris did donate his blood to Cain in exchange for his mother traditional salsa recipe. Lol

I hope you enjoy it and laugh a lil bit , and yes people it was a Joke!

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