Three PFL playoff competitors are facing sanctions following failed drug tests.

MMA Fighting confirmed with Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) chief assistant Jeff Mullen that the trio in question is Glaico Franca, Luis Rafael Laurentino and Ramsey Nijem.

Franca and Laurentino tested positive for stanozolol while Nijem tested positive for marijuana. The former two are claiming it was due to tainted supplements:

“I was caught by surprise because I’m a 100 percent clean athlete so you don’t expect to fail a drug test,” Franca told MMA Fighting in a statement. “That happened on Oct. 11, but I’m cool about it. I will prove that this stanozolol metabolite that showed up in my urine test came from a contaminated supplement.

“I know it’s my responsibility to check the supplements I’m using, but it’s also the responsibility of the supplement companies to include every substance on the label of the product. We already have an idea of which supplements we think may have caused this and we will prove they are contaminated.”

All three competitors competed in the 2019 PFL postseason. Laurentino and Nijem exited in the quarterfinals while Franca bowed out in the semifinals last month. France notably retired following his loss to David Michaud.

Following the extension of their temporary suspensions at a meeting with the NSAC, they will will all have a full disciplinary hearing on December 18.

What do you make of these failed drug tests?