Just over a week has passed, and the thrill of the experience is settling in its place as a cherished memory. Last Sunday I got to see in person, my beloved New England Patriots pound the St. Louis Rams. Moreover, I had the joy of finally discovering how much fun it is to attended an NFL game in person, let alone on this unique stage.    

I am happy to share some of the sights in this pictorial account.


Awesome First Look from my Seat

This was the sight uncovered upon entering the stadium 



The good folks of the U.K. did a great job with the new Wembley Stadium. It’s truly magnificent. My seat was behind the end zone, but I could see the entire field really well. The typical London rain that fell throughout the game wasn’t an issue as well, as there is roofing above most of the seats.


The Patriots’ FG Unit Warming Up



As I arrived early, I got to see the pregame warm-ups. This is New England’s FG unit led by kicker Stephen Gostkowski. As it turns out, they weren’t really needed in this game (apart from the many extra points and one redundant field goal). 


PreGame Festivities 



It’s a well known fact that nobody puts on a show quite like the NFL. This is the band ‘Train’ (of the catchy hits “Tears of Jupiter” and “Hey, Soul Sister”), providing the entertainment, complete with lights, fireworks and such.


Rams Players Introduced



Officially this was a home game for the Rams, complete with their cheerleaders, mascot, flags in the stadium and other accessories designed to make them feel at home. Unofficially, as someone in the row behind me remarked, this was “the worst home game ever”. In addition to the obvious distance from their actual home, there were many more people in Patriots’ shirts than Rams’ ones. They did get some support from unaffiliated fans rooting for the underdog, but still… 


The National Anthem(s) 



The dual British – American feel to this game was somewhat strange, as the crowd’s rendition of ‘God Save the Queen’ made me feel, just for a moment, that I was in a football game of another kind. Either way an incredible atmosphere! 


And to the Actual Game…



As we were seating right behind the end zone the Patriots heavily attacked in the second and forth quarters, we had a close look at four New England touchdowns (and also at the Rams’ lonely score). This is the Brady-led offense moments before one of the second quarter scores.


And the Final Score 



This one was pretty much over early on. Total blowout and a great performance by the Patriots. I was very pleased!

I Left the stadium (and London) happy and wanting more – now Foxborough is the next frontier 🙂 

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