The Eight Most Insane Victory Celebrations of All Time

8. Tito Ortiz’s grave-digger routine

We don’t know how many times Tito must have practiced this thing in the mirror at home — but you have to admit it was pretty badass the first time you saw it. To be figuratively buried under the Octagon is the pinnacle of pwnage.

7. Phil Baroni’s soliloquy

A CagePotato favorite. And we quote: “I’m the best! I’m the best eva! I’m the fuckin’ best! I’m the manI’m the man! I’m the man! [unintelligible], you’re next! I’m the man! I’m the best evaEvaI’m the man! Yeaaaaahhh! Yeaaaahhhh! I’m the best! I told you.”

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(tie) 6. B.J. Penn can’t stop kissing Matt Hughes

We could have sworn smooching was outlawed back at UFC 15, along with headbutting, small-joint manipulation and hair-pulling. But nevertheless, B.J. Penn leaned over and planted a big wet one on Matt Hughes after stealing his welterweight belt at UFC 46, then did it again once Hughes was able to get to his feet. As a repressed Christian farmboy, the incident may have brought up some latent desires in Matt that he wasn’t quite ready to deal with.

(tie) 6. “B.J. Penn is leaving the building!”
Sometimes you get overwhelmed with emotion; sometimes you just really need to take a dump.

5. Cro Cop’s Celebratory Overkill (begins at the 3:02 mark)

In terms of fighting ability, Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic vs. Bob Sapp was one of the biggest mismatches in K-1 history. Even though The Beast came out strong with his usual gong-and-dash, the outcome was inevitable, and Sapp was crying in the fetal position by the 90-second mark. When the fight was stopped, every Croatian within 500 miles of Saitama mobbed the ring; I’ve seen Super Bowl celebrations with less energy. Come on guys, you took down the biggest pussy in the world — it’s not like you cured polio.

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4. Krazy Horse’s backflips and victory lap (begins at the 3:19 mark)

Charles Bennett celebrates victories the same way he lives life — dangerously. After knockin’ out K.J. Noons at EliteXC: Destiny, Horse did a couple of his signature high-altitude backflips then calmly strolled out of the cage as Noons’s team rushed in to tend to him. We’re guessing he had a court appearance to get to.

3. Mark Coleman’s rope-fall

After winning PRIDE’s 2000 Open-Weight Grand Prix, “The Hammer” started bouncing off the ropes like Macho Man Savage gone retarded. Mark, we weren’t laughing at you — we were sharing in your joy.

2. Jamie Varner’s chicken-dance, “naptime” pratfall, and worm (begins at the 3:20 mark)

Sheer cartoonish brilliance. I think I saw Bugs Bunny do this once after kissing Elmer Fudd.

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1. B.J. Penn consumes Joe Stevenson’s fluids (11:49-11:51)

Even though Joe Stevenson doesn’t seem like the “high-risk lifestyle” type, there’s still something inherently revolting about licking another person’s blood. But B.J. Penn — who, as we’ve seen before, has no control over his emotions after victories — slurps it down like Vlad Tepes. We wouldn’t want to lick B.J. Penn’s gloves when they’re dry, let alone covered in gore. But then again, we’ve never been huge fans of oral staph…

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