10 Crazy Stories Involving UFC Wildman Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone

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The 40′ Fall

In January of 2013, Cerrone was chastised by UFC President Dana White for putting his health at risk after he was pictured rock climbing just 13 days before a fight with Anthony Pettis at UFC On FOX 6.

“If he gets hurt I’m going to f**king kill him!” White wrote on Twitter at the time.

On that occasion, Cerrone emerged unscathed, but despite the fact his contract specifically stated he was prohibited from undertaking dangerous activities outside the Octagon, a month later he was back climbing again, and this time it almost went horribly wrong.

Cerrone was teaching fellow fighter Leonard Garcia and coach Mike Winklejohn how to climb in Alberquerque when disaster struck as three anchor points that were holding him gave way while he was giving a demonstration, sending him plummeting 40 foot through the air, before a fourth anchor halted his fall.

Cerrone was taken to hospital where he was diagnosed with a fractured hip and foot, but he was just thankful to be alive and decided there and then that he wasn’t going to put his life at risk anymore.

I guess you need to dance with death..Just so you know how Precious life is,” Cerrone wrote on twitter. “@danawhite, the wild man IS THROUGH.#tooclosetoday #ninelives.”

However, turning his back on his love for extreme sports and activities would prove to be easier said than done.

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