Vitor Belfort Talks TRT Use: I Never Cheated, The UFC Knew What I Was Doing


TRT use in MMA has been one of the most popular topics of debate in recent times for MMA fans and fighters alike. Most people tend to have the opinion that TRT is effectively a form of cheating, a way of getting an advantage over an opponent in a dangerous sport. Vitor Belfort is not of this opinion. The Brazilian knockout artist has been caught in the past illegally using steroids, and recently has admitted to using TRT (testosterone replacement therapy).

The news came across quite controversially, as most people feel that a guy who has been flagged for illegal steroid use shouldn’t be granted the therapy. In the midst of the media storm surrounding the subject Belfort spoke to The MMA Hour this past Monday:

“It’s hard. I cannot explain why I need something. It’s just, the doctors, you know, just they said that I need [TRT]. I did everything by the book. I went to the commissions, the UFC. I never hide from them, so they knew what I was doing. I believe everyone has their personal things. My health is my personal life, you know? A lot of people on TRT, they don’t tell [the UFC], whatever. But my case came out because they got a guy on steroids (Thiago Tavares) and they thought it was me, and then they just opened the books. But they knew I doing everything with the UFC together, and never hiding anything.”

Vitor’s next opponent Luke Rockhold has expressed his opposition to Belfort’s TRT use, as have many fans, but it seems that ‘The Phenom’ thinks it is a misunderstanding. I personally think that if a fighter’s career is over then it is over, no amount of juicing or TRT will change that. Although the other side of the coin tells me that people in every day life, fighters or not, quite often need TRT. Low testosterone levels isn’t something that MMA fighters or doctors have made up, it is a reality.

Where do you draw the line when the people being administered the treatment are getting in to a cage with another man where they try to knock each other for up to 25 minutes?

Check out the full video interview below and stay tuned to Lowkick!

  • chump fight with out trt see how many fights you win

  • Years of illegal steroid usage will make TRT a necessity. Not surprising.

  • Belfort and the words I never cheated just dont go together

  • If the commission knows and The UFC know and it's monitored, there's nothing that can be said. It's legal. It's the very definition of the word.

    Personally and as a Belfort fan, what disappointed me in the whole affair was the lack of disclosure to Bisping, prior to their fight. That was underhanded. A fighter has the right to know, well before the fight, that his opponent is on "sanctioned" TRT. Subsequent to that, the media and public should also know. There should be total and absolute disclosure long before fight night. To be more blunt, any fighter on it should have that information publicly available the day they go on it. Regardless of whether or not they have a fight coming up.

    The permissibility of it's use, we should simply leave up to the respective governing bodies and live with it.

    I am so tired of this subject.

  • Lost all respect for Belfort. Any fighter choosing to CHEAT should just be banned for life.

    • @ Azz

      You / we, may disagree with the usage, but in Belfort's case you can't call it cheating. If it's sanctioned, it's sanctioned. We may not like it, but it is what it is and what it most certainly is not, is cheating.