Vitor Belfort Issues Apology For Actions at UFC on FX 8 Press Conference


Surging UFC middleweight Vitor Belfort alienated more than a few people when he asked that reporter John Morgan be beaten up at the UFC on FX 8 press conference. Morgan had brought up the inevitable topic of Belfort’s TRT use, and while ‘The Phenom” may have grown tired of answering questions about it, his reaction was viewed as unprofessional. After all, he has recently stated that he’s doing it all by the rules and regulations, so that would suggest he’s not afraid to discuss it.

However, many are quick to make Belfort the TRT scapegoat, because he’s enjoying success that even his well-documented career has not seen up until this point, knocking out two top contenders with vicious headkicks this year. The debate is a lengthy one, as many fighters like Chael Sonnen, Dan Henderson, and Frank Mir have all lost while having TUEs to use TRT.

Regardless of the entire subject, which may be the most prevalent discussion in MMA today, Belfort appears to have remorse for the words he used during the press conference. He came out with a statement on Twitter today apologizing for his actions:

“To all my fans and to all the reporters that was there on the after press conference I would like to ask for forgiveness the way I answer about TRT I RECOGNIZE THAT I ANWSER IN A IMMATURE WAY BUT WAS THE 10 th time that that reporter ask the same question. No excuse!! I made a WORNG call and I am here to ask for forgiveness God bless all you guys love to do what I do and I am keeping moving UP SEEKING GROW AS A MEN OF GOD AND AS A FIGHTER “DONT DOUT ME I WILL PROUVE U WORNG” PEACE”

It’s a good gesture from Belfort to apologize for his mistakes that made several people view him as arrogant with something to hide. He has fallen under a ton of scrutiny this year because he seemingly danced around the topic of TRT use before his knockout of Michael Bisping, which lead some to believe he wasn’t entirely truthful about the subject.

But like the instance of PEDs in major league baseball, it’s usually the athlete currently enjoying the most success who falls under the biggest microscope. It happened to Barry Bonds when he broke the single season record for homeruns, and now it’s happening to Belfort as he’s knocking out top-level fighters left and right in the perceived twilight of his career.

In any case, this discussion is far from over. Belfort may have cooled the fires for now, but there will always be those that attribute his success to skill and hard work, while others think it is due to the TRT. Then there will be more who are simply in the grey area in between. What do you make of Belfort’s apology?