Video: Watch Michael Page & Paul Daley’s Brawl After Bellator 179


Bellator 179 was a memorable show, and the ending was fitting to a great night of fights. After former UFC welterweight title contender Rory MacDonald had choked out Paul Daley in the main event of Bellator 179, there was a scuffle.

Chamatkar Sandhu was on-site and captured some great footage of Daley confronting top prospect Michael Page. After the brief scuffle happens, Daley is taken away by security. You can watch it here:

Page was scheduled to fight Derek Anderson in the co-main event of the show but unfortunately, he had to withdraw from his fight due to a knee injury. Although Page as never been booked to fight his fellow compatriot, Daley has been very vocal in the past about what he thinks of Page.

In previous interviews, Daley has called Page “deluded,” and said of Page’s latest injury-related withdraw, “It seems that every time there is a genuine test for Mike, where we see if we can see something else, not someone who can necessarily beat him, but someone who will be able to highlight something or see if he has the right quality to go forward, he seems to get injured.”

Bellator 179 took place on Friday, May 19, 2017, at the SSE Arena in London, England. The prelims aired on online at 7 p.m. ET while the main card aired on tape delay at 9:00 pm EST on Spike TV.

  • Dave WC

    We don’t often see someone​ lose a fight then call someone out. Especially after they get dominated. Usually callouts are reserved for winners.

    • All_Seeing_Eye

      Exactly, Daley even talked smack about Rory not standing toe to toe….who cares, Daley got owned bigtime. That idiot doesnt know when to shut his stupid mouth. Page is gonna kill him

      • Doug Christine Hairston

        I agree, toe to toe with Page, its over for Daley, he better learn how to wrestle

  • aFriendlyAgenda

    I’m not familiar enough with Page to say here nor there,
    but his reputation is for being a pretty dynamic striker

    And Daley is Daley

    It sounds like a good watcher of a fight
    And although I’m not a big fan of personal animosities, a public rivalry does draw attention and is worth money from a promotional perspective

    Hopefully this all culminates in a good fight for the fighters, the fans and the promotion and maybe even a truce between them

  • Wabbit

    Daley is a poor loser, he was banned from the UFC for an after the bell cheap shot against Koscheck; although few would complain about eye poking expert Koscheck getting some retribution.