Ronda Rousey On “Cyborg:” Have Her Drop Down, Where’s She At?


UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey picked up her ninth straight MMA victory at last night’s UFC 170 in Las Vegas, stopping Olympic silver medalist Sara McMann with a vicious knee to the body at only 1:06 of the first round.

It was “Rowdy’s” first striking stoppage victory, and it was also the fastest knockout in UFC female history. Although many thought that referee Herb Dean’s stoppage of McMann was bit premature, Rousey spoke up to FOX Sports after the fight to say she’ll take another win however she can get it:

“I mean, I’m happy to win, just anyway. You know, my mom always said ‘Pick the first opportunity no matter what it is. If it works, then it was good.’ And so, um, my mom was actually happy I won striking cause it was faster than an armbar would have been, and I never thought I would have heard her say that because she’s ‘Miss Original Armbar Lady.’”

“But I’m happy with it. I know that some of the fans probably wish they had a longer fight tonight, but you know what, I like going to bed a little earlier.”

Rousey touched on her newfound striking prowess, an added wrinkle to her game that is apparently making the already dominant champion a transcendent force in women’s MMA:

“I really have been working specifically on body shots, and I was taking more to the liver side this camp.”

She’s going to need every bit of striking skill she can accumulate if she wants to defeat Invicta FC featherweight champ Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino, who recently said she would be dropping down to bantamweight to face Rousey in a long-awaited grudge match.

While Rousey is set to appear in the motion picture “Entourage,” which begins filming this March, she still wants to keep momentum rolling in the cage. “Rowdy” welcomed the challenge of “Cyborg” with open arms last night:

“Yeah, have her drop down, I’m not going anywhere. I’m the champ, where’s she at?”

Despite a Rousey vs. “Cyborg” bout being almost a sure thing for the biggest women’s MMA fight of all-time, there are still a few roadblocks to clear before the fight becomes a reality.

Rousey is tentatively set to return to the octagon sometime in late summer with injured No. 1 contender Cat Zingano as her next opponent.

And while UFC President Dana White is understandably willing to book the fight at some point down the road, he wants “Cyborg” to make bantamweight in a healthy manner a couple times first.

Still, this oft-discussed battle is a lot closer to actually happening than it ever has been. Will Rousey vs. “Cyborg” be a reality in the near future?

  • HA! You won striking? Thats why you pushed Sarah to the cagfe immediately after you ate one or two of her punches? Cyborgs gonna make you her bich!

    • She's coming to take your belt and all your toys. She'll be back on top where she belongs. You simply kept the seat warm.

      • Well… the question is… will the fight ever happen? Cyborg would have to apply for a TRT exemption if he fights in Vegas. Just say'n . …

        • And considering Cyborg was on friken roids half of her career as a fighter. I mean really, look at this she-man's past fights, with Gina or any of them. She was a solid rock compared to the rest of the women. I've wrestled, kick boxed, and started training in MMA before i had to have my acl surgery. Now i just workout all the time. And i can tell you, no female MMA fighter is going to "Naturally" look a little female Dwayne Johnson walking into the Octagon. Women just aren't naturally built that way! Now the work out freaks that every body winces at because she lives off of Protein and water, and curls 35 Ivanko dum bells. Yeah! They can get that big and that cut, but you have to devote more time in the weight room then on the Matt. Thats the only way. And Cyborg devotes just as much time on the matt as Gina did, or as Rousey does. And Rousey is most naturally cut female in MMA right now. So no, i give Cyborg no credit for her power. Anybody can get big when they are on Human growth, TRT, or roids. And all of which women do not need.

    • I think winning by TKO is by definition winning the striking battle. I suppose Randy Couture never out struck anyone when he pushed them up against the cage and used the clinch to land shots.

      • He's just mad it doesn't make sense. She could have lit her up in the pocket and he would say she wanted no part of her wrestling. She beat Sarah at her strength. The clentch.

    • I'm not a fan of Ronda and Cyborg but man Ronda haters are funny lol, my dad is gonna beat ur dad blah blah blah haha..

      • Umm, and who brings up a "my dad will beat your dad"? Maybe grade school isn't very far in your past ehh?

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  • Cyborg has a lot to overcome in a MMA match at 135. I don't think she can take rousey.

    • I hope we'll see, yess I hope so.

  • Interpretation of Dana's comments: If I give Cyborg a title shot immediately it will mean that the UFC has to pay her what she is worth from the get go…I would much prefer seeing her earn $10k on a couple fights first and we will use her weight issue as the excuse despite fighters failing to make weight on many cards….