Ronda Rousey Discusses PED’s With Jim Rome On Showtime


Women’s UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey is no stranger to drugs testing in sports. As part of the Olympic judo team in 2004 and 2008, Rousey will have undergone thorough drug screening on a regular basis. The Olympic committee have a notorious zero tolerance policy which I feel works well.

Needless to say ‘Rowdy’ has not failed a drugs test to date and has been vocal about her feelings towards steroid use in MMA, taking a stance against what many fans and fighters see as cheating. In a recent appearance on Jim Rome On Showtime, Rousey spoke about PED use in sports, religion, highs and lows and media.

Skip to the 16 minute mark to check out the Ronda Rousey segment.


  • Ronda and the guy in the middle impressed me with their responses. This Dhani guy is a complete douche.

    • @ Bryan

      I'd agree with that, statement. Odd about Dhani, because he's generally a pretty cool guy, but his remarks about taking PEDs' were ridiculous.

    • yea he was quite douchey, sticking up for PED users.

      Did you notice everytime Ronda took PED users to the gauntlet he would look uncomfortable then would try to defend them?
      Hmm, think maybe there is a reason to why he only took 3 games off out of his 10 year NFL career

  • I'm sorry, but I can't stand Jim Rome. I think he's an ***####. He's a small minded guy, whose never achieved anything in life, other than ripping on people / athletes better than himself.

    The first part of his show is the worst, when he tries to pretend that he's a comic. He's not.

    I wish Jim Everett had beaten the crap out of Rome, that day in the studio. He would have deserved it.

    • I'll admit his opening segment where he clearly ready bad jokes off the teleprompter was horrible but he is decent at what he does and he has been great to MMA.
      Always been a supporter and regularly interviews MMA superstars along side other sports,helping to spread MMA across the mainstream.

  • Rhona is the perfect package. Athletic, smart, and super ****

    • s-e-x-y

      • lmao… not sure why the word $exy would be blocked… That's messed up.

        • @ Bryan….I think Anton deliberately sabotaged the security settings before he left, in retaliation for all the criticisms he recieved for his picks….