Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan Preview UFC 168


UFC 168 will soon be coming at us December 28 live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

Featuring a pivotal main event rematch between UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman and former champ Anderson Silva and a women’s bantamweight title rematch between Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate, the card has the potential to be the biggest blockbuster event of the year.

Fans are clamoring to see if Silva can avenge his shocking loss to Weidman at UFC 162 this summer. “The Spider” has said he’s back, but who knows?

More fuel will be added to the fire with Rousey and Tate’s emotional TUF 18-finalizing bout. It’s no secret hat these two ladies hate each other, but is there any chance that Tate can dethrone the dominnant Rousey?

Octagon announcers Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan appeared in a UFC preview courtesy of Fox Sports to hype the event. Check it out:



  • Here is what I hope. Silva kicks Chris into space and Tate armbars Ronda within 10 seconds.

    Here is what I think will happen. Silva struggles to keep himself up and eventually gets his opening. Tate fights off armbars but only fights them off and is too busy doing that to get much else going.

    • I actually think Rousey will struggle this time to get Tate down… IF she gets her down, she might get it again but if she can't, Tate might just beat her up unless Rousey's striking improved with leaps and bounds. I know she's been working on it but the question is, will it be enough to outstrike Tate. Also Rousey clearly has an advantage on the ground BUT, that doesn't mean she can't get caught! Tate is very strong on the ground too and her wrestling for sure is better than Rousey's, that might play in her advantage but only if she gets Rousey on her back…

  • Look at Goldberg, how can you be so unnatural, he's been on TV forever and still looks awkward. His smiles, his face everything about him is awkward. I'd love to see a cartoon version of him in like South Park or Simpsons. Like you try to talk to him and he can only answer by "here we GO" or stuff like that.
    Anyway Joe Rogan as always summed it up very well. Weidman did win by KO and nobody wants to take anything away from him. It's HOW it happened that makes the whole thing special. Will Silva clown again, will he be super serious and focused, will Weidman try to take him down right away or will he have more confidence in his stand up. I CAN'T WAIT !!

  • Goldie is like a puppet on the hand of the puppeteer Captain Obvious usually.
    "It's all over".