Keith Kizer: I don’t see Vitor Belfort getting a TRT exemption from us


MMA and UFC star Vitor Belfort has always been known for his fast hands and devastating knockout power in the cage. The 35-year-old Brazilian MMA veteran has competed under the UFC, Cage Rage, Pride, Affliction and Strikeforce banners and is the proud owner of 15 knockout victories in 22 wins spanning a 17-year MMA career.

More recently though, Belfort has been in the news for different reasons. It is well documented that Belfort has, in the past, failed drug tests due to elevated testosterone levels and it has emerged in recent news stories that Belfort has received a TRT exemption. This means that he is allowed to compete while using TRT, right? NSAC Commissioner Keith Kizer doesn’t seem to think so. Here is what Kizer had to say about the subject:

“I don’t see Vitor Belfort getting a TRT exemption from us. I really don’t. And I feel kind of bad for him in some ways because he has learned from his mistakes and now he’s trying to do it the right way and his levels are low with the treatment. Good for him, and I hope he is doing that. The rules are the rules and you have to draw the line somewhere.”

Since losing to Anderson Silva by spectacular front kick TKO back in 2011 at UFC 126,Belfort has gone 3-1 with the loss coming to current light-heavyweight king-pin Jon Jones. Most recently Vitor steamrolled Michael Bisping with a vicious kick of his own at UFC on FX 7  this January.

It seems that Belfort’s earlier infractions may be costing him towards the end of his decorated MMA career. But is it really fair for the NSAC to judge him on his past discrepancies? Should he be given a second chance? I, for one, feel that this whole TRT situation is getting out of hand and that we need a regulating body separate from the UFC and NSAC to deal purely with TRT and steroid related issues. That’s my opinion, what’s yours Lowkick community?

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  • I like his stance at first, but the cynic in me believes he left a door open for it with the talk about him doing everything the right way now.

  • If high testosterone is considered an advantage shouldn't low testosterone be considered a disadvantage? Just thinking out loud here don't shoot me down…

    I feel like these older guys who still have fights and motivation in them should be given exemptions. Their bodies simply can't keep up and would be too bad to see them go before their time. I guess that is the big question…When is it time to go?

    I'm interested in hearing some constructive Lowkicker opinions about this…

    • Yeah id have to agree, but on the other side of the coin when its time and your body has had enough should you force it to go on?

    • That is basically the bottome line of the TRT debate. If guys bodies are failing them should trt be allowed to keep them going?

      Personally, I say no. IMO, the use of testosterone even in small increments gives the person using it an advantage.

      However, it is to be used, hopefully Dana's new stance on making the users life very difficult (in that they'll be tested all the time) is actually being done (and not just B S).

    • You are born with a long set of limbs you have an advantage, short a disadvantage, high testosterone is a natural advantage, low testosterone is a natural disadvantage. If you cheated then it is your fault and you need to deal with the results for the rest of your life. We can all forgive you and being able to fight still is a second chance but having no consequences is not life. NO TRT is the only fair way. When you are done you are simply done. Others may have a record tainted by a guy with an advantage and lose their rightful place in the rankings wrecking their career. If you can't fight without it, you can't fight.

      • I have to agree with both evan and falcon but the bottom line is that TRT is here now, I really can't see an end to it in the near future in mma as long as fighters are receiving medical exemptions for it. That being said imagine if pretty much all fighters retired as soon as they started not being able to keep up with training due to low testosterone. The mma landscape as we know it would change drastically. for the better??

        • What about young fighters with naturally low amounts?

          • Natural disadvantage same as having low bone density or short limbs. Run with what you have, if you can't neither can many others for other reasons.

        • I think those fighters that retired as soon as they couldn't keep up should be replaced with younger up and comers and or at least face off against the older draining ones to see who is worthy.

      • I guess you're right falcon…You should fight with what you have and stay natural unless there is a real medical condition.
        Just thinking of all these great fighters that would be forced to step down because their bodies literally can't keep up with the competition.

        In the end I guess that is the way the sport goes, it is only fair…

    • But Vitors testosterone is low because of all his past steroid use. Not because he is an older fighter.

    • Isn't one of the main reason their body stops producing testosterone is due to that they previously used steriods and similar? This is one of the prices you pay for cheating all your life imo.

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  • cmon.. why was PRIDE the best…soccer kicks, foot stomps and no drug testing…

  • @DAREJZ00
    It's a fair question to ask but at the same time they get the exemption because of it being low. The problem is not the use of TRT but the procedures in place to ensure TRT exemptions are granted fairly, but these are a joke to say the least, not only should those granted have their levels checked regularly, athletic commissions should have specialist in this field to determine who is granted this exemption. This is how it's done with TRT for Olympic athletes and by the way the success rate for applying for TRT for Olympic athletes is less then 15%. It's widely known and accepted amongst doctors that this is not a common ailment and a specialist field scientifically too, and yet in MMA we have loads of guys who SUDDENLY found out they have this problem once Chael Sonnen showed them the blueprint. TRT is being used to cheat imo and the incompetence of Athletic Commissions is the cause I don't blame the fighters at all.

    • and Hendo showed Sonnen the blueprint. Hendo got on TRT as soon as he was forced to fight state side after Pride folded.

    • To me the problem is completely TRT in competition. There are manin this world and they have to do with what they have. For some it's money to train, others it's a missing limb, others Testosterone, others, short limbs or narrow bones. Eliminate TRT and eliminate the real problem and debate. If you weren't born with it then find another way to win like become a finisher.

    • I think you're right MMAUK, that is the way it should be done and it would solve the problem. Strict procedures to see who deserves a fair exemption, nobody wants cheaters in the sport.

  • TRT is only really necessary if you blew your body using steriods in the past, Vitor has always cheated so now his body is fucked and he needs trt.

  • @Rory…..great article,

    First of all, there is no debate in the medical field arguing that low testostorone does not impact a persons quality of life in some shape or form, and that the impact of symptoms could be very mild to severe depending on how low those levels present..

    I think the test case for TRT use should be based on whether or not its use will provide a significant disadvantage to the opponent. Past history is irrelvant like a speeding ticket and only complicates the issue. And the age debate is irrelvant as well considering we had guys competing at 47 like Randy.

    Are we ever going to get to a stage where a commission says its ok to use testostorone replacement therapy however you can not be elevated within 5-10 % the levels of your opponent?

    Will opponents not on TRT have the option to request a testosorone test of their opponents throughout camp to ensure there is no disadvantage to them?

    There has been complaints that guys are severely elevating their levels during camp and then winding back before a fight.

    As far as i am concerned if you are going to be fighting an opponent and wish to use TRT then your use should be allowed providing it does not exceed the levels of your opponent not on TRT, unless of course your opponent makes no protest.

    • Thanks enjoy, the problem seems to be that for every argument that someone brings to the table be it for or against TRT there is always a counter-point. no one is ever going to be happy as long as it is allowed in a sport where guys get hurt. But then if its banned you have the other side saying 'well its not fair that i have to quit at 38. No one is going to be a winner so I really think it all needs to be properly regulated but how in the hell would you even begibn to put a lid on a can of worms this size??

      • @Rory….It will be interesting to see if Dana actually decides to police the TRT issue more vigoriously considering the number of stars now using TRT….Whenever a fighter does win on TRT, there will always be a dark cloud over their win. But I don't think a dark cloud is enough to make guys like Chael Sonnen, Dan henderson and Vitor concerned when they are making so much money and its use is approved by the commission. The more you consider this topic the more you get confused on the ethics of its use. And then to confuse matters even further on why older fighters should be allowed, you have the best pound for pound fighter in the world (Anderson Silva) in his prime without ever resorting to TRT.

        • Well this really is a huge topic. Like you say it is not as simple as saying regulate it and thats that. I do think that if a 37 year old guy uses TRT to bring his levels up to above that of his 27 year old opponent that is most unfair. In response to your comment about dana and the testing, I really can't see how it will make a difference. it may stop guys from spiking and cycling down, but the fact is the medical exemptions will still be there, they will still be on TRT. Do baseball or NFL stars get TRT exemptions?