Jon Fitch signs four-fight deal with World Series of Fighting


It wasn’t a matter of if but when Jon Fitch signed with another MMA promotion, and today that day has come. Fitch has inked a four-fight deal with World Series of Fighting, although all contract details are unknown up to this point.

Reportedly aiming tentatively for a June fight debut, the outcast Fitch was the most shocking of the UFC’s recent cutting of 16 fighters. Obviously, Fitch was the most high-profile fighter to be cut, and this has led to endless discussion as to the reason why.

It’s no secret that both Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta have a soft spot for fighters who “bring it” every time out, namely engaging in wars where caution is thrown to the wind. Fitch was the definite antithesis of this philosophy, choosing to take a more cerebral approach and grind out a victory where he chose to take the fight.

But this strategy, although it may have gained him many a victory, is ultimately not the best way to keep your job in the UFC apparently. Fitch did lose 2 out of his last 3 bouts with the promotion, whereas only losing one bout compared to 16 victories prior to his UFC 141 loss to Johny Hendricks.

Now he will ply his trade elsewhere, like it or not. The WSOF does have some former UFC names on the roster, including Andrei Arlovski, Anthony Johnson, and Gerald Harris, who speculated upon a match against Fitch on Twitter tonight. Jon Fitch never gained the most fans with his wrestling-heavy style, but I doubt that’s ever going to change his gameplan.

Expect him to grind away at the lesser competition the WSOF has to offer. Are Jon Fitch’s days as a top fighter done for good?

  • So far it has been WSOF who snags up all of the ex UFC talent. Bellator is sticking to their affordable less known fighter model

  • Awesome !!! Cannot wait to watch a fighter I never watch , in a promotion I never watch. Should be interesting….NOT!!!

  • Hopefully 4 fights should be enough for him to return home

  • Sorry Dana, but until Fitch loses The UFC can only claim it has the top 8 fighters in the world @ 170.

    Rather than re-negotiate with a top-ten fighter, if indeed it was a money issue and allowing a top-ten fighter to stay in The Promotion, The UFC chose to cut him. Now, The UFC must bare the burden of that decision and the burden of that decision is, they no longer have a credible top-ten @ 170 and will not do so, until Fitch either loses or retires. For Fitch will always be able to make the legitimate claim of having been complained or financed out of The UFC, but beaten out of The UFC.

    Cutting Fitch, boring or otherwise, was a big mistake. At least in terms of The Promotions credibility @ 170.

    • * NOT beaten out of The UFC

    • Fitch did get knocked out and, then out Fitche'd in 2 out of his last 3 fights. Those count as losses in my book.

      • @ David

        I wasn't suggesting that Fitch hasn't lost. I was just stating that his record, regardless of the loss to Maia, did not fall to the level of being cut. He was cut, IMO, because White finds Fitch's style boring and maybe to save some money, but not because he was beaten, repetitively, as in back-to-back or back-to-back-to-back losses.