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UFC Reinstates Daniel Cormier As Light Heavyweight Champ


Well, that didn’t take long.

Hours after Jon Jones’ third-round knockout win over Daniel Cormier in the main event of July 29’s UFC 214 was changed to a no-contest due to Jones failing a drug test for turinabol, the UFC has officially reinstated “DC” as the official champion.

Cormier revealed that he had spoken with UFC president Dana White and he informed he had been reinstated as the champ during tonight’s episode of UFC Tonight, which he co-hosts:

“If it’s a no contest, then the fight didn’t happen,” Cormier said. “[White] said, ‘If one of you guys would have missed weight, he would have won the fight, but you still would have kept the belt. Because of that, the championship is getting returned to you.’ The fight is a no contest. If he cheated, he could not have fought and cheated and still won the fight.

“Once again, I’m the UFC champion.”

The UFC also confirmed that news on their official website, releasing an official statement on the division:

“UFC was informed Wednesday that the result of the UFC 214 bout between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier on July 29 was overturned by the California State Athletic Commission. The ruling changes the Jones ‘win’ to a ‘no contest’ following a potential Anti-Doping Policy violation stemming from an in-competition sample collected after Jones’ weigh-in on July 28, 2017.

As this was a title bout, Cormier will be reinstated as UFC light heavyweight champion.”

Cormier first won the title when Jones was pulled from his scheduled bout with Anthony Johnson at 2015’s UFC 187 months after Jones had beaten Cormier by decision at UFC 182 that January. The trouble-making UFC great was arrested for hitting a 25-year-old pregnant woman, putting him on the sidelines until he returned in a lackluster victory over Ovince Saint Preux at UFC 197.

He was then set to take on Cormier at UFC 200 in July 2016, but a failed USADA drug test for banned substances clomiphene and letrozole for which he was suspended for a year and only returned from to defeat Cormier at UFC 214.

The once and now-current champ Cormier knows he’s going to be called a “paper champ” just as he was during his entire reign, and he never beat Jones. But he’s ready for it, and he stated he’d be foolish to turn down the championship payday if he would be fighting for the championship anyway.

In his eyes, it’s Jones who cheated the fans, so giving him the championship back is the only right thing to do:

“People will say stuff like, well you got handed the belt,” Cormier said. “He cheated and the reality is for me to say, ‘I don’t want this title,’ when I was gonna be in a championship fight anyway, financially it’s just a big difference if I don’t fight as the champion as opposed to fighting for the title.

“He disqualified himself for taking a steroid before the fight, so it didn’t happen,” Cormier said. “So now I get the belt back, which is the right thing to do. And I’m not only saying that because it’s me. It’s the right thing to do. You don’t cheat the sport, you don’t cheat the fans, you don’t cheat me. You have all the physical advantages, sir. You’re 30 years old, you’re 6-4, you’ve got an 85-inch reach. I’m 38 years old. I would love to take stuff and not have to wake up every morning and walk down my stairs sideways.”

Finally, Cormier put it in concise terms, noting that he and Jones had one of the biggest bouts of 2017, but Jones had messed it up again:

“We had one of the biggest fights of the year,” Cormier said. “Once again, this guy has made a mockery of the sport.”

  • Draven

    He better not sob like a little girl again the next time he loses.

    • Shock Wave

      DC crying like a little girl was the best thing since Rouseys first KO loss.

      • NateDogg

        Who cares about him crying? I certainly don’t.
        At the end of the day, Cormier is going to make millions fighting as the champ, while Jones is banned for at least 4 years…

      • Draven

        Nah crying more than once cheapens the sport. If he wants to cry, he should go do something else for a living. There’s no place for crybabys in full contact fighting unless they won the belt or pulled off an upset win.

        • JamesC

          How does it cheapen the sport. DC has repeatedly shown his high MMA IQ, heart and skill level. In short, “He is a bad man”. if you want to call him a cry baby its whatever, but if you do then clearly there is a place. They can Champion of the most prestigious division with no asterick, UFC analyst and UFC future HOF. Ironically, Jones can’t say any of that.

          Furthermore, I think if we are talking cheapening the sport I think crying takes a serious back seat to multiple failed drug tests, doing coke and doing multiple hit and runs.

          • Draven

            DC has repeated been boring in his fights and shown he isn’t very well liked. Nobody likes to see a crybaby inthud sport especially if they keep having a sook each time they lose.

          • JamesC

            Ok…which fight was he boring in? I don’t recall a boring DC fight. Hendo was fun, Both AJ fights were fun, Gus was epic, both Jones fights were good, even the Silva fight was sort of fun. Are you talking about Pat Cummings? Come on man use your eyes and evidence not non-sense.

            He was not liked because people viewed him as a paper champ. Now that people realize that he has never been beat by a clean fighter that may change. Plus….Jones was not liked for the start of his career so what is your point.

            You are right nobody likes crybabies like Jones who do it to themselves. Do you not remember the pics of Jones crying…but he was not even concussed. He was doing this in his “right mind”. In case you forgot.


          • Draven

            DC was boring against Mir, Nelson, Rumble 1, Barnett, Hendo, Silva. He basically laid on them for the most part and it was a snoozer to watch. Aside from wrestling, DC’s other skills are quite limited which shows why Jones whooped his ass both times. You can use the steroid excuse but that don’t change the fact that Jon’s fight IQ was 100%. And he was the only man to make DC sook like a little girl in front of the entire world.

            Jones at least had exciting fights and fought to finish. He didn’t just lay on his opponents. He took risks and mixed it up. That’s what made him unpredictable in fights.

          • JamesC

            Lol…”aside from wrestling”? 1. His striking is very good and he mixes it all in very well. But to say “aside from wrestling” is like saying aside from movement Floyd isn’t really good, or aside from power Connor is not really good, or aside from counter punching Anderson is not very good.

            Jones fight IQ is not his greatest advantage. PEDs, reach, and wrestling are much bigger advantages.

            Now that we know Jones juices it’s obvious he has been juicing for awhile. If he did it on the heels of him being caught he certainly did it before. Probably some designer stuff from his NFL brothers. That being said every fight has an asterisk. It wasn’t an even playing field, maybe D.C. Would have been more exciting in his fights if he juiced which would help him through injuries and bumps you take in camp that all impact performance.

            D.C. looked great against Jones until the end of each fight. Nothing for him to be ashamed of…but Jon could only do that with help. If u r a Jones fan now is the time to be very quiet. Your boy is an overrated cheating scumbag. Who is a mental midget unable to face the elite in a fair manor.

          • JamesC

            What fights were u watching he rag dolls dudes. Can’t account for taste some people like McDonald’s and hate a great steak restaurant. He isn’t a rockem sockem robots type. If you don’t understand wrestling or ground fighting or positioning or transitioning or gnp or anything other than standing and banging D.C. Isn’t for you

      • JamesC

        Only difference is that DC has legit skills, is still the champ and has been able to face people since it happened. The two are not even close.

    • Bill Wolf

      Daniel Cormier didn’t lose. He thought he did, but it was a no-contest.

      • Draven

        The world saw him lose, headkick and got pounded on till his lights went out. All those crying memes are out there, he can’t avoid them!

        • JamesC

          Do you mean the crying memes of Jones when he got kicked out of the UFC 200 main event?

          • Draven

            There’s more memes of dc crying like a little girl after jones kicked his ass both times.

          • JamesC

            Do you realize you responded the same way twice. Anyway…the memes don’t matter for two reasons.

            1. Everyone who laughs at the memes Cormier could make cry
            2. Jones’ screw up far overshadows that.

          • Draven

            Jones may have screwed up but at least he didn’t cry when he lost. Neither did his other past opponents, the sport has no place for fat 40 year old crybabies.

    • JamesC

      Do you mean Jones crying when he loses his belt because of using drugs.

      • Draven

        There’s more memes of dc crying after Jones whooped his ass. Jones will always be his superior and kryptonite.

        • deepgrim

          dc cried because he lost a fight that meant a lot to him, jones cried because people found out he a fraud. Jones won the two fights cheating- thats not superior- thats because jones felt inferior and needed the juice to beat him, not only did he have a natural advantage due to his reach but he felt he needed an unnatural advantage due to steriods- what a hero. See what happened some of these Brazilian superstar fighters after they got the juice taking off them.

          • Draven

            Fighters lose left and cry and u don’t see them crying. They take it, learn from it and come back a better fighter. This bullshit sobbing after each time he loses has no place for a high level sport.

          • deepgrim

            You know what most people would say doesn’t have a place in high level sports is cheaters. I think most people would say that has a much more negative look on a sport .

          • Draven

            High level athletes are constantly cheating or taking something illegal. This isn’t the first time it’s happened and sure as hell not going to be the last.

  • Bill Wolf


  • buddy

    Jones is a cheating joke and he is stupid to get caught wtf? he should just go to the WWE and make millions and become a chemical monster bc obviously despite his talent he is incredibly insecure. Maybe next a leaked sextape? lol

    • JamesC

      Wow…both of those things feel very possible…almost likely, now that u said it.

      • deepgrim

        the wwe are starting to tighten up on drug testing too though, you can see their physique change too. Too many heart attacks and deaths of wrestlers i think prompted it.

  • JamesC

    Things DC is and Jon Jones is NOT

    – UFC Champ
    – A clean fighter
    – A college graduate
    – A married man
    – An Olympian
    – NCAA All-American
    – Respected
    – Drug free (i.e. coke and weed)

    Those are just facts. Not certain why DC gets hate, especially now. Jon Jones was a myth…worse than the myth of Rickson Gracie or Fedor