Dana White Implies Jon Jones Is Worried About Alexander Gustafsson


Eyebrows were raised when it was announced that Glover Teixeira would receive the next shot at Jon Jones’ Light-Heavyweight belt; especially considering how close ‘Bones’’ match with Alexander Gustafsson was. The two met in a blockbuster title fight at UFC 165, which exceeded all expectations by providing a five round war of epic proportions.

Jones spoke out after 165, claiming he had watched the fight replay 10 times over and came to the conclusion that he was the clear victor; an opinion that gave way to chants of ‘chicken’ and ‘sissy pants sally’ (I’m sure Entity coined that one), and raised questions about Jones’ willingness to face Gustafsson once again.

Jones then came out and said that he feels Gustafsson was granted a title shot too easily and that the UFC ‘save all the dogs for me and give the toughest guys the easiest matchups to get a title shot. Let’s see some of these top contenders fight each other, you know?’-I’ll let you guys be the judge of that comment.

Anyway, Dana White has had his say on the situation via Fox Sports and it seems that he is starting to take the point of view that most of Jones’ numerous haters do:

“Jon, I love you, you’re not a matchmaker,” White said. “Fight your fight, he’ll fight his fight, and don’t worry about it. When you talk like that it makes it sound like you’re worried about it.”

Jones has been known for pulling out of fights and cancelling cards, and also for being too picky about potential opponents. He is a great champion, without doubt, but to truly become the greatest of all time you have to beat the absolute best. My opinion is that Gustafsson was the rightful contender to the belt, and still is.

Gus proved to be the sternest test that Jones has faced to date, and whats to say that he wouldn’t beat Jones the second time around? Could this be why ‘Bones’ was so keen to fight the slower/shorter fighter in Teixeira?

Boxing and MMA are compared far too often, so one more time won’t hurt. Back in boxing’s golden days, from the late 30’s to 60’s, Sugar Ray Robinson made his name as the greatest of all time. He was undefeated in his amateur career (85-0) and only lost one of his first 131 bouts as a pro (a decision loss to the hard headed Jake La Motta).

Sugar beat 25 former/present/future legitimate great title holders, was only TKO’d once by heat exhaustion against Joey Maxim (while fighting at LHW) and fought up to 20 times a year at his peak. The point I’m trying to make is the reason Ray shined so much was not only his raw ability, but also his willingness to risk his title against all comers.

Sugar never ducked a fight, not once. If Jones wants the chance to become the GOAT, ducking guys because they are a tough fight is not the way there. Then again, I could be wrong. Anyone think that Jones is ducking Gus? It looks like Uncle Dana does.

  • lmao, actually I didn't coin any phrases. But one member here calls him "Chicken Bones" hahaha. Seems Dana is tired of having his champs skewered Good to see Dana say something at least, since he's been so critical of everyone else outside his domain..

    • I said this right after the fight. And I know all of you will agree. If Jon Jones had to watch that fight 10 times in order to convince himself he was the clear winner. I believe that says it all. That proves it was very close, and it took him 10 times to find little things to nitpick.

      The first 5 times he watched it he kept realizing he lost that fight. And slowly he convinced himself otherwise. It is painfully obvious that he's ducking Gus until he feels his standup is significantly better.

      • Yep…. Gus showed Bones that his striking is not as good as he "thinks" it is! He's a master at using his reach advantage and a great wrestler on top of that very athletic so he can pull some flashy sh*t off but overall his striking is far from elite!

        • I think the media pic of Jones in the hospital roller and Gus standing beside him appearing with much less damage has haunted Jones personally.

  • Finally Dana White is coming to his senses. LOL

  • If Jones was the GOAT he would demand a rematch with Gus, just to prove that he's the greatest and Gus just got lucky in the first fight. Then again I've never considered Jones to being even close in the running for GOAT. I'll have to throw a classic out there now; don't be scared homie!!!!

    And Bones has forgotten how fast he got the title shot back in the day….

    • Its not Bones fault that people are miserable because he's has the belt. While folks is jumping on Dana's side, all he's worried about is $$$$

      • I think it's pretty normal for the masses to come to the conclusion that we have, after hearing Jones' replies recently, even the Baldfather picked up on that. Dude, did you see Jones after that fight? He was mashed up bad, barely even looked like Bones. Gus looked far better. After that face smashing and a decision, Jones realized he was very close to losing that match and went through a lot of pain. Hence Jones' reaction and comments.

  • It doesn't make sense, if you know people think you lost the fight, fight Gus again to prove a point, don't claim you dominated him and move on, knowing people will disagree

  • LOL, I'd duck anyone who sent me to the hospital and fcked up my face like Gus did

  • I must add that I think this is the first time in a looooooong while that Dana and I agree on something, but if this was a fighter Dana didn't like he would have said "Jon, I love you, you’re not a matchmaker,” White said. “Fight your fight, he’ll fight his fight, and don’t worry about it. When you talk like that it makes it sound like you’re a chicken poop."

  • Of course Jones is worried. That does not mean Gus deserves an immediate rematch though….Close fight, tough call to make but Glover was next and if Gus makes it through his next match in convincing fashion, I can see a case being made for the rematch at that time.

    Jon Jones for being as dominant as he's been has been in jeopardy more than any other long time reigning champ. He was close to being arm barred by Belfort, got hit really clean against Machida and endured a beating over five rounds to gus and lost at least 2 rounds of that fight. Jones will lose soon, as great as he is, there's still flaws in his game and it shows. Been a great run but I can see someone besting him in the next 18 months.

    Not sure Texira can since he seems pretty slow and plodding on the feet…

    • yea, Glover's footwork isnt a think of speed or agility IMO.

  • @RORY "Jones has been known for pulling out of fights and cancelling cards, and also for being too picky about potential opponents" WOW "but to truly become the greatest of all time you have to beat the absolute best" Your an *** Rory, just my opinion. Jones already has a better resume than Silva, and one that matches GSP's. Unfortunately Jons done it to quick and doesn't have a likeable personality, but one could argue he already is the greatest. Seriously though that first quote i copied is nasty stuff, I know mma fans are illogical I don't expect it from writers. That card getting cancelled was the UFC fault for building a weak card, sensible people know this. BTW he beat Shogun, Rampage, Machida, Rashad, Vitor, Sonnen and Gustafsson in a row not bad for someone who is "picky" for his opponents. ***!!