Dana White Confirms $60 Price Tag For UFC 168 PPV


MMA fans will be treated to a huge fight at UFC 168; the rematch between Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman has fans in a state of mania and will likely be the biggest ever draw in the UFC’s history. Weidman scored a spectacular victory over the GOAT at UFC 162, smashing Silva and his mythical aura in a shocking upset.

The bout at UFC 168 is being hailed as ‘The Spider’s’ return to prominence, at least among his fans and will serve as a great end to a fantastic year of MMA. UFC President Dana White recently ruffled feathers of fans by declaring that UFC 168 PPV prices will surge to $60, is this business acumen or a blatant attempt at fleecing the buyer?

Although only a $5 increase in price, it is a significant jump in my opinion. DW spoke at the UFC on Fox 9 PFPC to explain the rise in cost:

“It’s just for that fight,” he said. “Some guys got together in the office and decided to do that. It’s five bucks, Get a couple more friends and have them come over.”

This may not come as a shock to a lot of us that already know that the UFC/Zuffa is a business; henceforth they are required in their roles to increase profits. My question is will the extra increase create more profit or alienate the faithful buyers in the MMA fandom?

The UFC brass have not always been known for their coy business tactics, in fact it is quite the opposite. (Alleged) Aggressive  tactics have led to Zuffa consuming pretty much all the competition and now a price hike for what will undoubtedly be a hugely profitable card without the extra five dollars.

I’m not sure that I agree with the tactics the UFC brass employs, but the latest hike in price may prove to be a big short-term profit builder. What do you think?

  • This is a joke. The price jump is 1 thing. Then to go on and say it's for this fight only is calling me an idiot. Why would you make it for 1 fight only? You are doing it to test the market. What a piece of DooDoo move to use it on the Anderson Silva card because I'll pay whatever to see him fight. This is ridiculous. Mayweather's fight was $10 more than the PacMan Rios fight, so I think they are using this to determine star power, not that every PPV will be the $5 extra but the Jon Jones, Anderson Silva, possibly Cain Valasquez, type fighters will have the little increase. If they raise it $5 that entire $5 from EVERY PPV buy better go to Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman, throw $2.50 each at em, if they get 1Mil buys that 2.5M each and it's money the UFC didn't lose because they'd never made it before. IF they raise the price it better be the 1rst step toward paying the top fighters big money. like Mayweather's matches cost $70 no wonder he gets paid so much

    • Mayweather is not affiliated with the UFC Dana… SMH.

      • Just going to stream it like always…. But this time it will be on principle.

  • $55 is already a hard pill to swallow if you don't have a bunch of friends pitching in. with those prices you should get a bluray of the event to keep.

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    Smug b*stard. I'm really starting to dislike Dana. What's he worth – 300 mil? I'm not buying the fight just on principle. Hope others do the same.

    • I hear you on that, my friend. I agree with your principles and not only applaud you for them, but will be joining you in your boycott. So, there goes $100 off their revenues, as a result of them trying to grab and extra $10.

    • I hear you on that, my friend. I agree with your principles and not only applaud you for them, but will be joining you in your boycott. So, there goes $100 off their revenues, as a result of them trying to grab an extra $10.

  • Go to a bar and watch it for free or have a few friends over. Even if its only 4 of you its like 10 bucks each, once a month. We all waste way more money than that on other crap.

    Or download it the next day if youre super broke.

    Last but not least, cry like an internet baby.

    • I like the last one. It's the cheapest.

  • Yeah scrounge for those five bucks make some extra phone calls because Uncle Dana needs every penny waaay more than any of us do.

  • I for one won't buying this card; have to make a stand somewhere and this is it. For the first time in I don't know how long I'll go to a bar to watch it, but he won't get my $50; not directly.

    PPVs' should be going down not up. This is a slap in the face to the ******** fans that buy all the PPVs', including the crappy ones like UFC 161.

    It's particularly more odious that it comes at Christmas time and in the midst of the hardest economic times since the "great depression".

    When fans think that these guys are making money hand over fist and that their business is growing, when most others are retracting or failing…that they have become fabulously wealthy while average people are losing their jobs and homes, barely clinging on, out of work, in debt, graduating out of colleges with no job prospects and surrounded by cities that are in decay…yeah, it's just five bucks Dana, we'll just get more friends over, because and as he knows, everyone is into the UFC.

    Of course, what do you do if you don't have the five bucks or the extra friends?

    Sadly, the worst part of this is the cavalier attitude of not only White, but the Fertitta's as well. The way that it was done, the F-you attitude of it, that they just want to grab a bunch of cash and know they can get away with it, because the addicted chumps will pay it. As such, “Some guys got together in the office and decided to do that.”

    In a nutshell, this is Dana White & Lorenzo Fertitta's Christmas present to their fans; a big lump of coal, an extended middle finger and a big F-you to us all. It's just a cheap attempt at taking in several million more dollars and I don't care who is on the card.

    Further, I see this as a poorly hidden way of paying Anderson Silva a lot more money. As a way to make him fatter, happier and willing to continue fighting, and a way to stroke his ego. After all, he's one of few fighters that get PPV cuts.

    It should also be noted, that this decision came hot off the heels of the company losing their number one PPV draw; GSP. As such and again, this is an easy way to give Silva more money and keep him in the promotion.

    For me, I have to say that I'm growing tired of White's attitude. He's always been a foul mouthed and surely guy, but of late he seems drunk with power. The way he spoke about GSP and his final fight, the way he's spoken about Ben Askren and his personal reasons for not signing the guy, the number of times in the last few weeks where he's reiterated that he doesn't give a "s**t" what people think and now this, the PPV increase and his…ah, it's only five bucks attitude.

    Well Dana, that's what they said about the final straw that was placed on the camel's back.

    As far as I'm concerned White & the Fertitta brothers are coming across as callous, money grubbing twits, who think they can do and say whatever they want in MMA and get away with it. To be honest, it's a huge part of the reason why I've become a big Bellator fan and a fan of Bjorn Rebney's. They seem to respect their fans and care what they think. That's certainly not the case in the UFC. The UFC doesn't give a damn about their fans; to them they're sheep to be led and drained of blood.

    It would be so funny if fans boycotted this card and said F-you to White, Fertitta and the promotion all at once. I think the best thing that could happen to the brand right now would be that 168 card failed financially.

    Fans have to draw the line somewhere and when you think that there's no guarantee that the top three fights will more than a round, it really does become nutty. Hypothetically, if three fighters in those bouts come out and go "boom" within the first minute or so of the fight starting, will fans have gotten the extra $5 worth of value? This isn't the NFL or another one of the big four, there is set guarantee that the main and co-main, will be 25 minutes of barn burning war. It could just as easily be a minute a piece.

    Sorry, but I think the whole thing stinks and for the first time in the history of the Fertitta's struggles with the hotel unions, I now get the unions point. These people are greedy individuals who think only of themselves and they obviously don't care about the opinions, feelings and circumstances of those people that have built and sustain their businesses.

    In conclusion, I feel sorry for all the working class fans that will be stuck with this bill at Christmas. It really is a lousy thing for the UFC to do for them and it's even worse, that it's been done with the attitude that it has, which is a big F-you from "some guys" at the office.

    Merry Christmas to Dana & Lorenzo; Scrooge has nothing on you, man.

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      Beautiful prose brother. Amen.

    • If it's only $5 why not take $5 away from the cost Dana? This will never be a one time deal if people accept it.

    • Agree with all you said. However, there's a group of Mma fans that have the attitude of who cares what Dana says and if he swears etc… Because it's '' fighting '' and then they say Dana saved Mma.

      Dana and Zuffa are awful, always have been.

    • Brian: Take a step back and take a deep breath. I understand how you feel from a fans perspective but you're a journalist (and a mighty fine one I might add.) I don't know if you guys at LowKick get paid for what you do or if you have side jobs, but you must be doing something right because I visit this website more than I check my bank statements. I realize that raising the price of the PPV is annoying but the UFC is the Starbucks of MMA and they're not going anywhere. Prices are going to get raised it's inevitable and it's been going on in every market forever. I don't know sh*t about being a sports journalist but I believe that if you want to be effective you have to watch the sport you're covering. People on this site might complain about the UFC but if you only talked about Bellator and Shark Fights no one would care. If you decide to boycott this card than what happens the next time they raise the prices? Are you going to boycott that one too. Then how can you write effective articles about fights you didn't watch? It's like not voting then bitching about the President. I've also read articles that you have written about lousy fighter pay. Well this is how the fighters get more money……..from the fans. How do you think the Yankees pay for Derek Jeter…..They raise beer and ticket prices. The great thing about the UFC is that alot of MMA fans aren't just buying the card for the main event, they're buying the main event plus 4 or 5 other interesting fights. Back in the day you would pay $50 for a Tyson fight that lasted 40 seconds. No one gave a sh*t about the prelims. This is one of the biggest cards of the year from the biggest and best MMA promotion. It's my opinion (and only my opinion) that you are obligated to watch the card. With all due respect of course.

      • Matt, thank you for your praise; you are too kind.

        In terms of boycotting the card I will do that and out of principal.

        However, I do have every intention of watching the card. I will simply have to go to a bar to do it, but either way he's not getting my extra five. To me, I'd rather go and spend $55 on beer and wings.

        As you state, I should not be writing about fights that I haven't seen and particularly cards like 168.

        As to the larger question of PPV prices, fighter salary, brand profit and particularly all of these things relative to other sports, that's a big kettle of fish.

        In our sport athletes are paid too little, IMO, while the brass gets filthy rich. To the point, I think all fans were appalled when they read what Nate Diaz got paid for his last fight. On the other hand, I look at other professional athletes and I think they're grossly overpaid; Jeter being one of those players.

        Regardless of the depth of this debate I shall heed your counsel and ensure that I watch the card, and dutifully report upon it.

        Enjoy the fight & Cheers,


  • Ivy

    I second that Brian, beautiful!

  • I would throw down an extra $5 for one of the sickest cards ever put together by the UFC… that's IF i ever bought one. I get a great HD live stream though, which is free. I have internet on my TV so no biggie! They can make it $100 for all i care.. lol

    And yea a "few" people might not buy the card, but seriously 99% of the regulars WILL buy it! Not a single doubt about it…

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      Bet you're wrong my friend. In fact, I won't buy another PPV event again until they admit the error in their ways.

  • I've always paid $45?? Anyways, is anyone surprised by this given Zuffas reputation? Data's response – just have a few more friends come over. Like he's resentful that everyone just doesn't stay at home and order it.

    Like I've always said these guys get way ti much credit for Mma and they are typical promoters…

  • 2 people voted this "cool"? Dana and Lorenzo?