Dan Henderson talks Jon Jones, Chael Sonnen, and fighting Machida at UFC 157


Legendary fighter Dan Henderson sat down with MMA H.E.A.T. yesterday to address his thoughts on the recent turbulent events that have shaped his career as of late. He of course went through the entire debacle of having to pull out of UFC 151 last fall, leading to its cancellation. Hendo believes that Jon Jones made a mistake by not taking the replacement fight with Chael Sonnen, as now he must face him when he is tougher and more prepared.

Henderson has been out of action since late 2011, so it will be interesting to see how he responds to a long layoff against a tough opponent. Facing Lyoto Machida in the co-main event of UFC 157, Henderson acknowledges that he must get in close with Machida and punch him in the face rather than let the karate master pick him apart on the outside.  

Hendo believes that he was in the best shape of his life in preparation for Jon Jones, and would like to fight for another couple of years. He spoke of his epic win over the legendary Fedor Emelianenko, and of course his defining bout with Shogun Rua. Hendo appears calm and ready for whatever the fight game throws his way. He is an underdog heading into the Machida fight. Will he finally find himself fighting for the UFC 205 lb. belt later this year?

  • Hmmm…Machida = more dynamic. Hendo devastaing power in the same punch Shogun KO'd Lyoto with. Lyoto most likely cannot KO Hendo. I'm going Machida via decision as long as he don't get caught. That is unless Segal has taught him some new dragon punch stuff we never seen before . ( Bwa-hahaha).

    • I actually think Machida will at least TKO Henderson. There is a first time for everything.

      • Considering Machida is my 2nd fave…I would love to see that, but do not think so. Maybe a sub. KO though….err…."the sky was all purple there were people running every where." Its not the end of the world, so cromagnon man will be conscious.

      • D

        I think so too. It's very unlikely that Dan will catch Machida with a clean shot at any point in this fight. He's too technical, elusive and just plain fast. Machida on the other hand probably will catch Dan cleanly at some point. Dan's chin is too good to get KO'd by one punch, but I could see Machida finishing with a flurry like he did against Evans…although it will probably take more punches to do so.

        • I'll take Hendo by forcing Lyoto into a corner.

          • Octagons don't have corners just sayin' 🙂

          • lol….rephrase….press against the cage 8))

    • @infiniteenigma, I never thought Machida would KO Tiago Silva either.

      Machida via KO

    • I've heard some rumors that seagal would teach him a new technique called…"jab".

  • respect for dan, but machida all day long

  • I love Hendo, but I'll be shocked if he beats Machida. However, if he does beat Machida, myself and all, will probably love and respect him more. I just don't think that's going to happen.

    Machida has simply too many tools. It's the style, the timing, the power, the dynamism, the game-planning, the camp…heck, he even has Steven Segal. 🙂

    Hendo has his wrestling, H-bomb, chin and a lot of heart. His gas tank is always questionable and has cost him, in some fights. And I find it odd, when he says he's not concerned about Machida's style and that he has plenty of guys who run around, throw "goofy" kicks and can mimic Machida, as well as a number of south-paws (Luke Rockhold included). I doubt seriously that there is anyone "running around" in Henderson's camp, goofy kickers or south-paws aside, who comes any where close to emulating or mimicking, Lyoto's style. If it was that easy, one would have to think that others would have adopted the style, even-if-only-for the styles success ratio in The Octagon. However, I see no other Machida-esque fighter is The UFC or any other promotion I've seen.

    I look forward to the bout and may the best man win. I'm picking Machida, but if Hendo wins, great.

    • Hendo is a legend in the sport but I too will be amazed if he beats Machida. But then again I'd have put my house on Fedor to beat him and he is blessed with single punch KO power so he always has the Hbomb chance.

  • If Machida gets his rocks off by beating the shit out of veteran fighters, then he should wear a rubber suit & keep a bottle of electrolytes in the octogon cuz he's going to f**k Hendo up.

  • the dragon vs the steel jaw…?

    • I got Hendo on this one. 8))

  • machida and jones are probably the only two people who could pull off a tko on hendo. although i dont see it happening for machida unless he catches hendo with a blitz, while hendo is moving forward. its a close fight in my opinion, but this is how i see it going down, lyoto is gonna catch dan and rush in for the tko, but then dans gonna pop outta half-guard ,take back side control,and land a uppercut h-bomb followed by ground-n-pound for the win. just maybe

  • my fav fighter will ko this old guy

    • If you're lucky, you'll live as long as Hendo and most likely not be 1/2 the man he is at that age. But by then, Im sure you'll have forgotten that remark 😉

  • Im gonna go with Machida, hes pretty good at avoiding shots, especially a shot like Dans that you know is coming and should be able to look out for. If Dan cant connect with that shot I dont see him being able to pull this one off.

  • I sincerely never thought I would say this but i can't get past the cheat factor of TRT and a guy saying he never felt so good at that age when he was always in great shape makes me hope he loses. Nobody naturally feels better at 40 than 25 unless they were fat when they were younger and got healthy later in life. I think Machida will beat him anyhow but a couple years ago i would have been behind Hendo for sure.