Chris Weidman on Silva: I am a bad matchup for him, I have him beat in a lot of areas


Chris Weidman was recently on this week’s edition of the MMA Hour and had many things to say regarding the currently chaotic situation that is the Middleweight division. Regarding Silva and his chances against the champ:

“I’m not going to start saying Anderson Silva is a chicken and scared of me,” he said. “I do think I am a bad matchup for him. I think I really have him beat in a lot of areas. I don’t think he’s faced anybody like me. I also can understand from his view point why he doesn’t want to fight me, for a couple reasons.”

With the skills he’s displayed in the octagon, it’s no wonder Weidman wants the opportunity soo badly. The decorated Two-time Division I All-American is eyeing his next target with the confidence of a contender who knows that he possesses the skills to accomplish what some have seemed to think is impossible.

With a flight booked this Saturday headed to Chicago, Weidman is planning on attending UFC on Fox 6 with the goal of sitting down to speak with the UFC brass about his situation and intentions. Regarding the division and who he thinks should be next in line for Silva Weidman had the following to say:

“Right now I think I’m the most deserving to get it if they want to make the [Silva] fight right away,” he said. “I just don’t know if Anderson Silva will be interested.”

Weidman doesn’t intend on taking any time off, he claims he’s still in the gym training and getting better everyday. While he made it perfectly clear that he wants the opportunity, he also showcased his maturity with a solid understanding of the business, having the following to say:

“Whoever UFC decides, I’m good. I just cant wait to get back in the octagon and just keep proving myself. There are still a million doubters out there and I love proving them wrong. All the people who think I’m going to get killed by Anderson Silva, eventually I want to prove those guys wrong.”

Weidman is a very young middleweight and will most definitely get his opportunity at middleweight gold eventually. All we can hope for as fans, is that when the day comes, Anderson still has the belt, giving us a great matchup to look forward to and a solid adversary worthy of stepping into the octagon and challenging the greatest fighter that ever lived.

  • Bisping , Boetsch ,Munoz and Belcher are all coming off losses so are no longer No 1 contenders.

    Anderson has already fought Yushin, Chael, Belfort .Rich and won impressively.

    The only guys left in the division for him to fight is Lombard, Cung lee, Weidman, Rockhold & Mousasi.

    Lombard is 1-1 in UFC (way to early to get a title shot)
    Cung Lee has won his last two but lost vicously to wanderlie by clinch which silva has mastered over Rich Franklin and others. Would need more wins.
    Rockhold; has not fought in UFC but has impressive record.
    Weidman: has won 5 straight in UFC….impressive last win.
    Mousasi: lost to Luke Rockhold

    Weidman and Rockhold both have a strong argument for a title shot…

    Anderson's options are really either of these two guys or look to light heavyweight for a catchweight fight or if someone like Rashad wants to challenge and come down…

    1.Weidman (Anderson doesn't want to fight) no fight booked for weidman.
    2. Rockhold (no fight booked)
    3. rashad (booked to fight in February)

    • There is also the Belfort rematch however Dana has said that Anderson doesn't want this fight because he needs new motivation.

      • @ Enjoy

        What Anderson wants…wha…wha…what. That's the problem. Everything is about what he wants. Who cares about how he feels about fighting Belfort, again. He had no problem in fighting Franklin a second time. Maybe the difference is, that he knows Belfort is an actual threat and not a road-apple.

      • @ enjoylife321. Say, you're right. I'm going to try that at work tomorrow. Hey Boss, I don't want to work on those files because I need new motivation. Guys with erectile dysfunction could tell their wives "sorry Honey I just need new "motivation"". I agree with MMA Truth, it should be up to Silva to choose the fights. There has to be an element of earning it. Belfort has earned it.

        • Wowza. FAIL!! "?s?h?o?u?l?d? ?b?e?"? ^ "Shouldn't be" up to Silva"

          Doh, I'm going to get "weaked now"

        • @M.S….until i read your supplementary comment, you had me confused for a moment….i agree with you and MMATruth. It definetly doesn't help the sport having guys pick and choose their opponents. I understand guys not wanting to fight a very close team mate who they socialise with, however, avoiding fights based on styles seems to go against the grain of the sport when it is identified as mixed martial arts. Guys need to relinquish their belts if they don't follow a ranking system and just want to focus on PPV buys. Business has to be balanced with legitimacy for the sport otherwise it heads towards boxing promotion.

          • @ Enjoy

            "Business has to be balanced with legitimacy…"

            There ya go.

      • @enjoy and yea I agree Weidman is #1, he is in my eyes the only threatening guy to Anderson.

        When he says he has him beat in a lot of areas… that = wrestling.
        That may be enough though

        • @ Keith

          It's not just Chris's wrestling. It's also his power, athleticism and some pretty aggressive BJJ. He's also a guy who will show up in shape and ready to fight.

          He's also doesn't talk about a challenge or testing himself against Anderson, which is something Bisping did / does, he talks about beating The Man and taking his belt. I see that as a big mental difference.

          Weidman is a beast and a real threat to AS and he is the rightful #1 Contender, IMO, but he's injured. I really don't want to sit around waiting for Chris to be available in (the) late summer. And let us also keep in mind, that AS has shown no interest in fighting CW and has said he's a couple of fights away from being ready. Also, he doesn't have enough Twitter followers.

          Silva should have to fight Belfort, now. It is the only sensible fight that they could pull off (now), before AS goes another year, with only defending his belt once. It's the only fight that makes sense. How I see it at any rate.

    • There's always the option of Silva / Franklin 3.

      7 more of those and we can finally prove the (old) adage…he'd beat him 10 fights out of 10 fights.

      • @MMA Truth……i would say at the postfight press conference for UFC on fox 6, the journalists will be demanding answers regarding the next middleweight fighter to get a shot at Silva.

        It wouldn't surprise me if anderson holds the division up while two guys fight for the contenders spot like rockhold vs weidman. or Anderson flirts around with I want GSP late 2013 or even possibly a rashad catchweight fight.

        Anderson appears to be toying with the division now. He only fought at middleweight once in 2012 and he will probably only fight once in 2013 based on his recent statements. Thats two fights at middleweight in 2 years….If i was in the middleweight division I wouldn;t be holding my breath anytime soon for a fight….

    • D

      Never fought Luke Rockhold.

      Not currently fighting at 185.

      Check your facts.

    • "Mousasi: lost to Luke Rockhold"

      They have never fought, Mousasi has been a 205er for a while now.

    • Mousasi and Rockhold are in 2 different division. Never fought…

    • @enjoy why does Rockhold deserve it but Lombard doesn't?

      Rockhold's resume may be slightly better than Lombard's but both of their resume's are pretty bad for UFC contenders, especially for fighting Anderson.
      Rockhold does have one top name on his list in Jacare but Lombard beat Palhares who is sort of similar (not as good) but at least it was in the UFC.

      I like Luke but personally I think Lombard is a much harder fight for Anderson, maybe has less technique but makes up for it in superhuman speed and KO power.

      • @Keith….The only thing that has put me off Lombard a little was his first showing in the UFC and also when he fought Palhares many thought that Palhares came to get a paycheck. never looked like he wanted to be in that fight. I don't think Lombard has really been tested in UFC however I do agree he is a good fighter. I still believe Anderson has both these guys beat.

  • How to get a fight with Anderson Silva and increase you Twitter followers 101:

    Quoting Chris Weidman…."I’m not going to start saying Anderson Silva is a chicken and scared of me,"

    Now, Quoting Chris Weidman…"I’m…going to start saying Anderson Silva is a chicken and scared of me,"

    Keep repeating the latter statement to the same people who took and publicized the former statement and he'll get his fight. That's exactly what Sonnen did.

    • @MMA Truth…you now own the rights to publishing this best seller….! lol

      • @ Enjoy

        Hopefully I can make enough to actually attend the fights live, as opposed to having-to-have-to choose between which $55 dollar PPVs' I want to buy and which I'll wait to catch online.

        For the record, given the caliber of opponents, the duration of the fights and their (general) one-sidedness, Anderson is firmly in the…catch-it-online, category. To me, he's not worth a $55 buy, not without a truly stacked card underneath him.

        • @MMA Truth….Since the Fox deal its been good in the sense that some of the fights are televised free on cable. However, I've got a pub 5 minutes walk from my place that televises the fights for free and the beer is always cold on tap. The last PPV i bought was Marques vs Packman 4. This weekends card should be good though, im expecting big things from glover. unsure about mighty mouse vs dodson and pettis vs cerrone.

  • This just in, another fighter claims to be able to be able to beat the Spider!

  • Really you have him beat in a LOT of area?
    Care to elaborate, cause outside of wrestling I dont see anything else…

    • D

      Although I wouldn't, you could make the case that he is a better grappler in general…Silva has been submitted before while Weidman is undefeated. Weidman essentially beat Demian Maia in a grappling match while Silva refused to take any risk that could possibly lead to a grappling match with Maia. Silva has only 3 grappling submissions on his record in 37 fights (3 submissions due to strikes) while Weidman already has 3 in only 9 fights.

      He may feel he has an advantage in areas such as strength and cardio as well, although it's almost impossible to say that for sure without training with both guys.

      • Weidman has also been described as a prodigy, and other things of that nature when commenting strictly on his grappling ability.

        He went to a close decision loss against Andre Galvao on about a year or 2 of BJJ training at ADCC (if you don't understand how amazing that is look up his stats).

  • Since Bisping lost. I think it to early to have Vitor do a rematch. Bisping can't get a title he just lost, who would be me next? I would assume it's Weidmam then Rockhold.

  • Weidman is really pushing for this fight with Silva. He is really eager to get knocked out in the first round as soon as possible

  • Rockhold should go IN next… he's the Strikeforce champ.. Unify the belt and get that shit over with! That's how it SHOULD be… but shit this is the UFC, they do things as they see fit! Not complaining though i enjoy watching 9 out of 10 fights, as long as that doesnt change they can do whatever the fuck they want! As a fan and martial artist I just wanna see great fights!

  • You know what I don't get it. A.Silva have crazy fans who doesn't want to see him fighting, complaining about not deserving shit. Well I am Shogun, Cain Valesquaz and Chael fan and all I want is to see them fight.

    • we want silva to fight jones, gsp, vitor….. we dont want silva fighting bums, because losers like you will yell out "padded record" but you are the same losers claiming, silva is dodging, okami, marquardt, sonnen, etc

      • Yeah I am a loser, I never had mma fight before, but I hope I will, do you?
        And Weidman is a big deal, not a bum. Destoryed former contender Maia on 10 days notice, and out wrestled one of the elite USA wrestler Munoz.

  • Weidman should fight Rochold for #1 position….ASAP

  • Chris Weidmans a badass and the number 1 contender well him or Sonnen but Chael's busy.I have a feeling hes the next champ after Anderson retires of course AS would KO him at this point though.I like the Weidman Rockhold matchup.But Weidmans injured Costa vs Rockhold.

  • Jacare could also be a good challenge for Anderson. IMO he beat Rockhold and he looked impressive against Ed Herman. Jacare vs Weidman sounds like an intriguing match-up both have a similar style.