Chris Weidman: I’ll grant Anderson Silva an immediate rematch at MSG


Number one contender for the UFC Middleweight title, Chris Weidman, once again spoke about his desire to fight Anderson Silva. Fighting out of Garden City, New York, Weidman was originally scheduled to face Tim Boetsch at UFC 155, but was forced to pull out of the bout due to a torn labrum injury. Today, Weidman feels it’s the right time to call out The Spider:

“Perfect world, I will be ready to fight] July 4th weekend … against Anderson Silva. I’ll grant him an immediate rematch at Madison Square Garden in New York City. My name is one that they don’t mention ever. They’re running.”

Silva’s manager, Ed Soares, recently stated that Chris Weidman might not be the best option for Anderson Silva exposure-wise, since the young New Yorker is yet to establish himself as a household name in the UFC. Interestingly enough, Soares hinted at Cung Le as an ‘interesting fight’ for Silva.

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  • Weidman deserves his shot…..

    • imo vitor belfort is #2 middleweight. but i agree he has "earned" his tittle shot.
      he is not a big name or a dangerous opponent….

      idk why everyone wants to see this fight since it wont be competitive at all.

      • Outstanding wrestling, vicious ground and pound, excellent submissions. Only thing is..can he get through the meat grinder to get it to the ground. He has as good a chance as anyone at middleweight and better than most.

        • @dkm

          your statement can apply to okami, maia, vitor, chael, marquart……..

          this is the spider we are talking about.

          • Cause Vitor and Maia have outstanding wrestling.

          • That doesn't disprove omr's point

          • Actually it does, literally.

          • @evan

            like frankie said "ive heard this story before"

            weidman only notable victories are over Maia and an overrated munoz. any one who thinks weidman is a serious threat to silva is forgetting the destruction of marquart,vitor,okami, and chael. all proven fighters

          • All proven fighters, with less skill/athleticism/speed/power. Nobody is forgetting anything, and people have been talking about Weidman being the next wave of MMA since his run in ADCC back in 2009. Anderson is not invincible, and Weidman is not on the level of anybody you mentioned.

            Besides, Like Frankie said is a promotional campaign by the UFC. SInce your quoting it do you agree that Ben Henderson and Gray Maynard are on the same level as Jose Aldo?

          • @evan

            we will see where weidman is 5 years from now….. i have heard serra say "he will be the next best thing"

            imo as a fan of mma for years, weidman is "the great white hype" replacing chael in the mind of anderson silva's critics

            i dont buy it, i would like to see weidman vs vitor instead. and if he can get past the phenom then i will believe the hype

          • So what does Anderson do in the mean time, age?

          • No, it doesn't. It just points out that not all of Silva's opponants were great wrestlers with GNP and sub skills. It does not disprove the OMR's point that many of them did.

          • Again, yes it does. Okami, Belfort, Marquadt, and Maia are not "great wrestlers". They are good/average wrestlers. Chris Weidman is a great wrestler. Chael Sonnen is a great wrestler with garbage submission defense. Chris Weidman is a submission grappler that competed well in ADCC after a year and a half of training.

            That information, again, literally disproves OMR's (and apparently your) opinion.

          • No it can't. Each of them have decent things paired with great things.

            Weidman has outstanding everything outside of striking, and that is getting close to that level also.

            His wrestling is better than Chael's, which means it dwarfes Okami, Marquardt, Maia and Vitor.

          • @onemoreround
            as much as you love Anderson you obvious don't know much about his fights.

            Okami and Maia are great grapplers but not amazing wrestlers, both proving they didn't have a hope of taking down Silva.
            Chael is almost ignorable in submissions.
            Marquardt is a decent wrestler but not outstanding.
            Vitor doesn't do much G&P and his wrestling his average.

            Weidman is better at all of those things, except submissions with Maia and probably similar wrestling as Chael….. but he is the ONLY one who puts them all together so good.

  • Ofcourse he is. I can't stand A.Silva fans who saying "who is Chris Weidman?" .
    And now A.Silva called out Cung Lee!!! Are you fucking kidding me??? Silva is demon, but Cung Lee?

    • Cung Le or Chris Weidman, either way the outcome will be the same; Anderson will destroy them. Weidman should be first in line for his beating though. He has clearly earned it.

    • Chris who????? Please tell me why i should be nut cuffing like the rest of ya.

      • No-one thought Chael would make it past the first 30 seconds in his first fight with Silva, just sayin….

        • Entity i will partially agree with you for ONCE, but Sonnen did nothing but better prepare A.S. for future hump & grind specialist like himself.

      • HATEOCRACY: Weidman is their last hope, that's all.

  • Well Anderson doesn't want dangerous fights, clearly ducking competition.
    Great fighter, shitty champion!

    • Others are smelling the coffee too i see.

    • Yeah he is such a good fighter, but he is the only champion who acts like that. I mean Nick Diaz said GSP name once and GSP called Dana right away, Chael said Jon Jones name couple times, and now Jon Jones wants to kill him, Ben Henderson won in close fight he took a rematch instantly., Overreem only said Junior… , now JDS Want KO him. Chael landed swear bomb on brazil and later he talked about, Anderson wife he pissed off everyone Wanderlei Silva. Vitor Belfort and even Renzo Gracie, except Anderson., And now Weidman turn.

      • That's cause talk is cheap. Anderson lets his actions talk for him

        • lmao, yea, Ed Soares is "action"

        • @ Silvaisking

          I've heard that Anderson's action figure is being changed. It's now going to feature Anderson sitting cage-side of an Octagon, covered in Burger King and Nike logos, watching a fight.

          With the new figurine, fans will be able to swap out opponents in varying combinations from an accompanying packet of 185 and 205 division fighters, which act as combatants in the display. Anderson himself, however, is "fixed" in position and cannot be placed in the The Octagon.

          Sadly, the new figurine does not come with a Chris Weidman figure. Nor, does it have figures of Hector Lombard, John Jones, Rashad Evans, Phil Davis, Lyoto Machida or other notable fighters from the Middle-Weight and Light-Heavy-Weight divisions. Oddly though, it does come with a GSP figure.

          From what I understand, it's a beautiful display, but it's very expensive and you can't really do much with it, other than swap out the fighters in The Octagon.

          Note: Ed Sores action figure sold separately.

          • What a bunch of haters. Seriously, every time there is a legit challenger and things don't line up we get a bunch of guys on here saying AS is ducking. Anderson's camp does some trash talking. They finally fight and the guy you all say he was ducking get's demolished. Just wait for Andy to eventually lose and then you can talk all the garbage you want and not look like a horses ass in mid pucker,

          • suposedly anderson was dodging marquardt, okami, chael and so on……and well we all know what really happened ..

          • @ OMR

            I don't know that he's ever been accused, in a serious manner, of dogging fights, before. Now, he truly does seem to be dogging fights. He certainly seems to be dogging Weidman and on could make the case that he's dogging Belfort, too. For he could fight Vitor now….crush him, as all Silva fans know he will…and then crush Chris in July. However, he seems to be reluctant to simply do it.

            Actions are louder than words….and so on. 🙂

          • @MMA Truth

            he has always been accused of dodging fights. vitor, cote, henderson. i dont understand why theres so much criticism towards anderson….HES ENTERTAINING

          • The only person he was ever flat out accused of ducking was Chael, and that is because he was pretty much doing everything he could not to fight him after the first match.

            There were little snippets about him not wanting to fight Nate or Dan, but not too many took those seriously as he crushed both already.

            Reality is one thing, throwing out incorrect information to enforce a point is another.

          • @ Evan

            Yeah, that is true…there was a little of that with Sonnen, on the first go-round. I had forgotten. It seems like such a long time ago, now. At least in UFC time. I had forgotten.

            Either way, he fought him and that's all that matters. In terms of now, it's almost to the point that you want to say that he's not-so-much ducking fighters, as much as he seems to be ducking the whole division. That won't go away until he defends his belt, regardless of who his opponent might be.

          • @ OMR

            Respectfully, who ever accused Anderson Silva of ducking a single fighter you named?

            And OMR, I think you miss the finer point, here. No one is criticizing The Man's ability, they are only criticizing his willingness to defend his belt regularly, his picking-and-choosing of opponents and his seemingly reluctant attitude, towards fighting Chris Weidman or even Vitor Belfort. He seems to want to fight anyone and everyone that isn't a serious contender @ 185 or a top five (or better) fighter @ 205.

            To sum it up, lately, The Champ seems to have a lot of hurdles, obstacles, hoops to jump through and conditions to meet, before he'll defend his belt or fight. Yes, to GSP and Bisping, but no to Weidman and Belfort makes no sense to most fans.

            And is he entertaining? Yes. That's why the fans want to see him back in The Octagon and taking on a legitimate, worthy and serious challenger. For me, Weidman and Belfort meet that criteria. At least right now for Belfort and come July, for Weidman.

          • @mma truth

            the fans…… i have never heard any journalist or dana flat out say silva turned down a fight.

            i agree that silva needs to defend his belt at least once a year and that weidman or vitor could be a choice. but i think at this stage in his career he is interested in "super fights" he only took the bonnar fight to save the event, and dana white praised him for that.

            honestly i think silva is just chilling and waiting for the gsp fight because that is what he really wants!

          • @ OMR

            Defend his belt at least once a year….please do stop. You're killing me over here. I can't believe that the division would even dare to presume, to place such an odious demand on Heir Leader.

            OMR, if he only defends his belt once a year and he wants or has signed a new 10 fight contract, that means that it will take him….hold on let me take my socks off…can't type and count and the same time…one…two…three…heck, I don't know…must be nearly 10 years for him to fulfill the contract.

            Even if he only takes five of those fights and title fights and the other five as Super-Fights, but other than GSP / Jones, I don't know who the other three would be, that means he'd only defend his belt 5 times between now and 2018. Wow!

            OMR, @ one title defense a year and limited opportunities for super-fights and the incumbent risk of loss, I don't see how Anderson's going to be able to hang on to his much vaunted and valued #1 P4P status. And you know he loves that status. He revels in it.

            Defending his belt once a year is not acceptable. Sorry.

          • Hater= opinions…..ok now I understand….lol

          • Do you actually know what a horse's ass mid pucker looks like? 2ndly why were you that close to start with? Did his tail get in the way? lol 8))

          • @Entity; If the opinion is baseless and adheres to a pattern then yes, it is being a hater. As to what I do with my horse, that is between me and Captain Nibbles.

          • lol ICP!

          • @ ICP

            Captain Nibbles…LOL!!

            You even got Entity to laugh at that and he was insulting you. LOL!!

            Too funny, man.

          • haha. I logged in just to say, great stuff. Funny.

  • SO if Anderson beats Weidman, who will all the Silva haters say is going to crush him next?
    I say if not when, cause its a legitimate question.

    • You dont have to be a hater to want to see this fight. It's called good competition.
      No-one wants to see Bonnar/ Cung fights for the next 5 years bro.

  • Weidman deserves it.

  • Like the rest of them, this flavor of the month will get destroyed by Anderson Silva, then sink into oblivion.

    • flavor of the month is correct!!

      give silva vitor, jones, or gsp!

    • I know you are most likely right but come on man flavour of the month? What did you taste his ball sweat or something? Check you words bud.

  • I believe one thing for sure, his days of going up to 205 are over. I don't see how he could ever go to LHW again and fight anyone that wasn't a top five or better, contender and he'd have trouble with them all and I'm convinced he's terrified of John Jones and wants nothing to do with him.

    As to Weidman, if he wants this fight he has to step up the rhetoric. It's great that he said they (Silva and his camp) were "running" and that they "don't want to fight me", but he's got to pick it up and do better. If this was Sonnen or Diaz right now, they'd be smack talking the living daylights out of Silva and Sores. There would be no end to it and rightfully so. It's part of the reason why they are popular and get fights. They are not afraid to speak up and say…hey, The Champ is a pussy and he's ducking me.

    I love Chris, but he's has to drop the nice guy attitude. Stop being so polite and go after his payday. That would be my advice. Make it happen. It worked for Sonnen, it can work for Weidman or anyone else in that division or this sport, for that matter.

    Or in Nick Diaz parlance…Anderson Silva is a ###### ####### ###### ##### Homie!

    That would probably work Chris. Go get the fight. Don't wait on it. "Hopefully" doesn't mean or count, for much.

  • For the record to the numbskulls. Silva is a brilliant fighter. His timing is unmatched in MMA. He has provided some outstanding finishes against high calibre opponents. But seriously we don't hate Silva, we just hate the fact he doesn't challenge himself like others do. It isn't his fault he fights in a weak division but at 205 he is picking has beens or nobodies. He doesn't take on the elite. Weidman has much more to offer him than Le at this point in time and he always looks for the easy option.

    Give him Rashad Evans I say if he refuses Weidman. How disrespectful is he to say he wants a bigger name? He is a douche, regardless of how brilliant a MMA striker he is.

  • I want to see Weidman in another fight first haven't seen too much of him. How good is he really? Put him in against a dangerous opponent then will see what hes made of if he wins then Silva. Not many people even know who he is

    • He's been in with dangerous fighters. He's made them all look less than average, outside of taking the fight against Maia on two weeks notice.

    • Munoz and Maia aren't dangerous?

    • suga_shax: Actually, Like Sonnen, Weidman is an average at best fighter with a big mouth.

  • Just another victim for The Spider….Oh well……

    Ain't no sunshine when it's on
    Only darkness every day
    Ain't no sunshine when it's on
    Cuz when its on, ya niggaz gonna be gone
    Every time cuz we don't play

  • Anderson really pissing me off. I get it he's an outstanding fighter. But now he's acting more like Mayweather than Tyson. I mean Cung Le?…really? Might as well fight Tito if you wanna go that far. Anderson is the champ…the 10 fight contract he signed definitely had a clause in it.

    "I pick the fights or I walk" :/

  • Want to see this fight before Anderson gets too old. If he loses in a couple years the excuse can be made that age caught up with him. If Chris beats him now than it is more than arguable that he is just a better fighter where head to head match ups are concerned.

  • Silva sure looked great against Bonnar.

    • unfortunately Forrest and Bonnar ended up being Ultimate Flailers against Silva

  • Over-hyped fighter. He beat an out of shape Maia and the over-hyped Mark Munioz.