Cain Velasquez opens as huge favorite over Bigfoot Silva; should he be facing JDS?


The betting odds for the UFC 160 main event featuring Cain Velasquez versus Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva for the Heavyweight title have been released. As expected, Velasquez has opened as a 4.3-to-1 favorite, and for good reason. The once and current titleholder put an absolute drubbing on the Brazilian giant just last May at UFC 146. The fight was an entertaining and bloody mess that was completely one-sided.


It came as a slight surprise when Velasquez was announced to be facing off against Bigfoot again. True, Bigfoot is coming off two impressive knockouts over previously high ranked contenders in Alistair Overeem and Travis Browne, but usually when you’ve been recently beaten by the champ, Dana White makes it tough for you to climb back into the rematch too soon.


He owned them, but neither possess even close to the kind of wrestling ability that the grinding Velasquez does. Many had clamored for a faceoff against Junior dos Santos to complete the trilogy of bouts, but that will have to wait as JDS has been booked to fight Overeem at the exact same Memorial Day event.


Cain Velasquez has been on record saying that he believes dos Santos should indeed have another fight under his belt before he gets a rematch, as he did the same last year. I think his logic is definitely justifiable, but still the Cain/JDS trilogy fight would be great to watch, and will most likely happen in the future regardless. Now Bigfoot has his title shot. Will it be another quick TKO for the bulldozing AKA product? My thoughts say yes. What are yours?

  • I don't see any improvement in Big Foot over his last two fights, which would lead me to believe that there would be a different outcome in a / his re-match with Cain.

    His biggest problem is speed and there's no way he's closed that gap or going to close that gap with CV. This will be another 1rst round victory for The Champ.

    • I totally agree, although I'm not sure he'll finish him off in the first. Furthermore, I think an odds of 4.3 to 1 seems like pretty good bet if you put your money on velasquez. It means they think bigfoot has an 18% chance of winning. I think it's more like 10% chance. I'm pretty sure velasquez would win a a fight with bigfoot 9/10 times.

      • @ MMA-Oracle

        My guess would be that you are right about the 9 out of 10 fights, but the question becomes….is this the 1 fight. This would be, after all, the second of the ten fights and concordantly, Big Foots odds just will have / would have gone up. I'd say that puts him on a better odds footing than Matt Serra, when he faced GSP first time out.

        Strangely enough, with the odds being the way they are, Silva might not be a bad bet. If it comes in, it comes in well.

        We shall see soon enough, but I stick by the contention, I think Cain will defeat him and in the same manner as he did the first time.

        Its interesting times in the HW division. Until someone lays claim to that belt in a multi-defense scenario, the whole thing will be considered in flux. Throw in the heavy-handed wild cards of guys like Hunt and Barry and we could well be looking at a landscape that changes several times in the run-of-a-year.

        Anything is possible in this division.

        Thank God.

        • no, what i mean is that he has a 10% chance of beating cain given his last fight. If cain wins as convincingly once again, I think the chance is even lower. Also, you have to reset the odds post-fight. What you describe is a scenario where cain wins two times in a row pre-fight, which would give us a probability of cain winning of 0.9^2=0.81. Basic statistics 😉

    • bigfoot's face is a mess after their fight again, same faith to JDS in the hands of alistair.

  • Neither of them deserve a title fight. JDS should have to get at least one win under his belt (same as Cain did) and considering the asswhoopings bigfoot took from Cormier and Cain, there's no way he should have gotten the fight either. I would have loved to see a real 'super fight' between Jones and Cain, that would have been way better than the worthless slop that's going to be Jones-Sonnen.

    • Jones Cain would be very interesting. Cain could KO Jones as he has real power and Jones does not have a HW head or neck to take HW shots but then again Jones is far more skillful than Cain so it would be interesting and Jones could catch Cain consistently as Cain leaves openings with his style.

      • Would be a fun match up but the strength of Cain is far too much, he is used to dealing with walking tanks like Brock, Bigfoot and JDS.

        Jones is the better fighter P4P but too many pounds would be given up fighting Cain right now.

        That could change in the future if Jones seriously puts size on but Cain is just naturally a much bigger and more powerful athlete.

        • Jones almost certainly walks around in the low to mid 230's at least. The difference in weight between him and Cain is significantly less than that between Cain and Bigfoot or Overeem. Also, despite the fact that Cain might come into a fight with Jones a bit heavier, JJ would still have a big reach advantage.

      • rematch between bigfoot and alistair is more intresting, im pretty sure bigfoots face is a mess if this is gonna be true.

  • Cain's the favorite? I wonder why…

  • It's a hard question, should Cain Velasquez face a fighter who he destroyed or another fighter who he destroyed.

    In seriousness, JDS is the #2 HW but it doesn't make sense to put him right back in there. Give them a fight each, let Cain get a filler title defense in Bigfoot and test JDS with Overeem, then let the hype build itself for their 3rd match from their performances.

  • Cain completely outmatched Bigfoot the first time, and I see this fight going no differently. Maybe less blood…..

  • I find hard to believe that people is still counting out Silva, Cain will have his hands full with him this time, also to give JDS a rematch would be a slap In the face to Cain, it would be like saying " yeah, you got lucky last time, here try it again", like it or not, Silva has earned his title shot and it just happens that Cain is the champ now, I am rooting for Cain but I wouldn't get surprised to see Bigfoot wining.

  • Dejavu: i feel i am reading comments from the pre Fedor fight or the pre Overrem fight.

  • War Cain Velasquez….

  • Big Foot seems to win 1 big fight and then lose 2. Unless the wrestling fairy comes to visit him he may want to bring a snuggie and some wet naps because he is going to get out worked and busted up again.

  • Cain is hungry dog of fight but he killed all heavyweights time take more time until, more stacked division.
    The only potential threat in hw division I see Werdum. His striking was beutifull against Roy Nelson and even Overreem(even at some point he won some exchanges).
    And Werdum makes hard style for Cain, with the best submission games in the world, and nice striking I see war.

  • Why would anyone doubt BigFoot? It's not like he got destroyed by another Heavy Weight or anything.

    • …ah, the sweet sound of sarcasm. 🙂