Does Weidman Hold The Key To Victory At UFC 162?


Anderson Silva is currently on a sixteen fight win streak within the UFC. He is regarded as the greatest of all time (GOAT) because he has never been defeated since his debut in 2006, knocking out Chris Leben in the first round. Silva has finished 14 of his opponents, 2 via submission and a whopping 12 via TKO/KO.

Anderson’s victims include Stephen Bonnar, Forrest Griffin, Chris Leben, Chael Sonnen, Yushin Okami, Vitor Belfort, Patrick Cote, James Irwin, Dan Henderson, Rich Franklin, Travis Lutter, Nate Marquardt, Damien Maia, and Thales Leites.  

Although Anderson competes as a mixed martial artist, the majority of his victories have come through devastating Muay Thai skills that would make a Thai King proud. Very few times has Silva needed to reach deep into the tool box, with seven of his fights finished in the first round, and five within the second round.

To determine whether Chris Weidman holds the key to victory in their scheduled fight at UFC 162 you have to ask yourself what does Weidman bring that Silva’s other opponents didn’t?

First of all, there was the physicality of Stefan Bonnar and Forrest Griffin, the world class Jui Jitsu skills in Damien Maia, the Olympic wrestling credentials in Dan Henderson, and the power , speed and agility of Vitor Belfort.  None of these assets however made a difference, so why should Chris Weidman pose a threat?

Unlike Silva’s former opponents, Chris Weidman is undefeated and on a five fight win streak within the UFC. Weidman is competing during the prime of his career and is ten years younger than Silva.  Weidman is also a former New York State Collegiate wrestler who made easy work of Mark Munoz (a two time Californian State Wrestling Champion).

What is great about this fight is that the height and reach stats are almost identical. Both fighters stand at 6ft 2 inches with Weidman having a slight reach advantage, 78 inches vs. Anderson’s 77.6. The reach advantage however is unlikely to make little difference as Silva’s stand-up skills are world class.

In your opinion, is Chris Weidman the real deal to beat Anderson Silva or are we just getting over excited with another wrestler we have seen before?


  • "getting over excited with another wrestler we have seen before" say's it all.

    • Unfortunately for Silva, Weidman is much more than "another wrestler".

      • @Cage: Sure – lol. Unfortunately for Weidman and the Silva haters, we, Silva fans, have seen this movie over and over. When it's all said and done, this new overhyped wrestler will be napping just like the rest of them.

        Silva via TKO – round 2.

        • UDG…same movie, yes. Different actor though. No?

          • @BC – Haha — You wish.

            Second round.

            Joe Rogan: Weidman is badly hurt. OMG, His face is leaking like a faucet. He's down. What a beautiful knee to face by Anderson Silva.

            Mike Goldberg: And it's all over, just like that.

            Joe Rogan: Wow. Ladies and gentlemen, this is why Anderson Silva is the Greatest of all time.

      • He's far better than Chael Sonnen on the ground. He better than Sonnen on the feet.

        Weidman is the toughest fight Silva has had in years. IMO.

    • Everything you guys are saying about Weidman does not take into account that he is the first guy with really good wrestling, that also has top notch BJJ. That we will have seen compete against Silva. It's not just same old story like so many are saying. I don't know if his wrestling is better than Chael's, unless Sonnen is starting to slow down and lose explosiveness. However Chris' wrestling is very good, and no one else has had this skillset. Maia had the BJJ but not the wrestling. Chael's BJJ was pretty good but Silva kept getting saved by new rounds. And Chael probably needed more than 5 minutes to get a sub or pound him out. Weidman's ground game seems solid enough that if he can get the take down, he could get a finish in less time than it would take Chael. I believe it all just comes down to if he can get the take down before getting knocked out. If he can take down Silva at will like Chael did in the first fight, then I think he will defeat Silva.

      • But he is not just another wrestler. Neither Dan Henderson, nor Chael Sonnen had the submission credentials this guy had. Hopefully it will be like a cross between Chael Sonnen and Demien Maia.

  • Yes Enjoy. He does.

    • @Brian…I noticed you have been a vocal Weidman supporter for some time now….I like his fighting style, but statistically Silva is hard to deny.

      • 321…I could not argue on the statistical probability of another Silva win. If Chris cannot turn this into a ground fight he will, in all likelihood, lose. There is no denying.

        I just know that should Chris have similar success to that of Sonnen in terms of taking the Spider down, then I could easily see this going Weidman's way.

        I know one thing and unlike many of the other fighters Silva's faced, Chris is neither afraid of Anderson, nor intimidated by him. Where many have entered the ring with him timidly and for the "challenge" of it, Weidman quietly and confidently seeks not challenge, but victory and the belt.

        I think he's going to do it. We shall see come the 6th of July.

  • I don't think so. I could be wrong but here are the facts, his biggest win was over Munoz. The same Mark Munoz that got headkicked and KO by Matt Hamill. Mark Munoz is a great guy but has NEVER been top 10 or even to 20 in my mind. He beat Maia and regardless how short notice he took the fight, I felt he looked unimpressive.

    Chris Weidman in my mind has been hyped by media and some fans and I am unsure why, I know he has big credentials from BJJ and wrestling but I don't see how he's top 10.

    I predict a fight that stays standing and ends standing and It won't be Silva getting knocked out.

    • Mark Munoz was Chris Weidman's biggest and most impressive win but we all know Mark was wayyyyyy off his game that night. He came off that layoff and injury and looked very very uncomfortable in there. He didnt even look close to his regular self and that's not to take anything away from Chris, just saying he beat Munoz who looked like he was at 50% of his ability and in a rematch i'm 80% sure Munoz would take Chris out.

      I will agree with some saying Chris is a better wrestler than Chael but is he a better MMA Wrestler?? I highly doubt it…. If you're a great wrestler you can take anyone down in a normal match but in MMA, when fighters are allowed to Kick/Knee/Punch you in the face while you go in, there is a big difference!

      I see Silva catching Weidman with something BIG coming in. Weidman is probably gonna take the Chael approach and rush in……. Rush into the fist or knee of the best counter puncher in MMA and sleep like a baby…

  • Unless Weidman catches Anderson on an off night for whatever reason I can't see him taking this one.

  • Weidman is a good fighter but I too don't understand where all the hype is coming from. Sure, his wrestling is good but that's the same old story against Silva. He's tapped out every single opponent that took him down (Hendo, Sonnen, Travis Lutter).

    I'm always surprised when the people hyping Weidman never take into account that he's coming off a full year-long layoff and shoulder surgery. Is that really the optimal time to take on the greatest fighter arguably in the history of MMA?

    Chris' best win was over Munoz, yes, who was coming off of surgery and obviously not himself. I don't care if he had time to heal, Munoz was not top level that night. There's just no way.

    I've honestly seen most people pick Weidman here. I just don't think, after all this time, that he's the guy to take the belt from Silva, unless Silva isn't focused on the bout.

    • Well F said, Mike.

      Oh well, it looks like some people are either in denial or just living in fantasy Island. It wouldn't surprised me if they still believed in Santa Claus.


    • great points Mike.

  • The straight fact is that Weidman can do what Sonnen did in his fIrst fight against Silva, except he can do it BETTER. Weidman is bigger and stronger than Sonnen, and IF he sticks to a smart game plan, he can be the one to dethrone Silva. It's a BIG "IF", but Weidman is the one that can do it……

    • Seeing Chael vs Weidman would have removed some clouds from predictions…little anyways.

  • I dont know enough about Chris to even make an accurate statement

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  • The guy who can beat Silva is Jones. I see Silva knocking out Wideman in the first or 2nd.

    This is also the first time I will be cheering for Silva just so maybe, just maybe, we'll see the super fight everyone wants.

  • Man, I would love to see all the comments after the fight. MAMBA,UDG,Enjoy, Watermelon,thexperience,highkick, Mike Drahota, Kevin = Silva…….chael4president, Cage,Brian Cox = Wiedman………..Kungfurules = cookies

    • Kungfurules gets a free pass as long as he brings the cookies.

    • I can tell u right now what my comment will be: "Told ya so… now show me the money!!!"

  • easy night for silva… no doubt A.S has been training wrestling more since Chael. he will win easy