Anderson Silva tells Dana White he wants a 10-fight extension


During a recent MetroPCS chat session, UFC President Dana White revealed that he offered Middleweight champion Anderson Silva an 8-fight contract extension recently, and that offer drew quite the adamant response from the longtime P4P king. Silva apparently wants to extend his career further than White’s proposed 8 fights and asked for a 10-fight extension.


At 37 years old, Silva is nearing the point where most fighters would be winding down their careers, hopefully not being knocked out left and right like some formerly indestructible fighters.


However, Silva is no regular man and really hasn’t taken the amount of damage that many fighters in the UFC have. He is undefeated, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a fight where he looked at all beat up by the end. Even when Chael Sonnen nailed him with over 300 strikes, Silva looked like he just woke up, not like he just got out of a war.


So, it is conceivable that Anderson Silva will fight ten more times in the UFC. Right now, the obvious candidates for his next bout are the superfights available with Jon Jones and Georges St-Pierre. There appears to be much red tape in getting either of thee bouts to take off, but even with that the case, Silva could defend his Middleweight belt against any number of challengers at 185 like Chris Weidman, Michael Bisping, or Alan Belcher. He has expressed disdain at the prospect of these Middleweight bouts, citing them as being too small of a scale for the now legendary champion.


Ten more fights featuring Silva will be epic for MMA fans everywhere, and it will be interesting to see if Silva can maintain his era of dominance during this time. He has his legacy established, but does he have to conquer the rest of the challengers at Middleweight to solidify that fully? Some truly huge fights are on the table for Silva right now, let’s hope that one of them gets signed soon.

  • Omg – Thats a lot of fights there, Champ. Are you sure about that?

    • I'll be happy. 10 more fights from 1 of the greatest ever!

  • Couple of fights at MW and then a permanent shift to a new weight class. Either that or he wants to fight 10 guys at once in a big ass superfight.

    • I think you're on to something! What about a ten round fight with a new opponent every round? He'd probably KO at least half of them!

  • I'm surprised. Can he go 10 and 0 and keep the legacy intact?That's a tall order, now. I believe. His own division has toughed up considerably. There will be some real tests, there. And if he goes up and picks some fights at 205, he should only be allowed to fight serious threats. Not tin cans. At least relative to his skill level. if he fights Jones, Evans, Davis…those types of fighters, great. However, I'm not interested in seeing him fights gate-keepers, has-bins or near retirees.

    One way or the other, this shows the type of faith that Anderson has in his ability to keep beating people. You have to respect someone that's that confident.

    …10 more fights, wow!

  • That is crazy, easy prediction is that the goat will not go out undefeated if he choses this path.

  • Damn, he must have just had a Starbucks latte with an extra double shot when he said that! He's on fire!

  • If Silva wanted to fight 3 times a year, it means he'd be fighting until he's 41.

    But he's been fighting roughly once a year, which means the Spider would see out his contract sometime in 2022.

    This is a guy who wants to make movies, so I wouldn't read too much into this. Anderson will fight when he wants, as long as he wants, and then he'll retire no matter what the contract says.

  • Yeah, so true. If he wanted out of the contract, it's not like anything bad would happen. What are they going to say, "No, you have another four fights left."? And if he somehow went blind and started losing fights the UFC would just say "No worries, you were great, thanks and take care." It's a win/win move for him.

  • Think about it for a minute.

    Anderson Silva is in the best negotiating position of his life right now.

    Put yourself in Silva's shoes for a moment. You are not sure how many fights you want until you retire–but you want the maximum dollars for each fight which is negotiated now in your contract. What do you do? You ask for an insane amount of fights at maximum pay–if you choose to retire–you are not obligated by the contract.

    But, if you sign for only 4 or 5 more fights–and are defeated in one of them–your asking price goes way down in future contract negotiations. Example: Fedor.

    So Anderson is just doing the smart thing and leaving his options open to fight as long as he wants at the maximum pay he could get.

  • Silva's starting to fill in the britches. Saying he won't fight smaller scale fighters, demanding a GSP fight, getting a ten fight extension, making movies, I guess he finally decided to act like a superstar.

    I remember Soares saying Silva wanted to retire at age 35. Hmm. Then again Soares is an empty headed moron who'll say anything.

  • 8 fight contract? All he needs is the Jones fight to cement his legacy; that's it.

  • My God, if Silva fights Jones and crushes him, he will likely be considered the GOAT for all times, ha ha. Seriously, even die-hard Fedor fans would be instantly converted! Who could possibly dispute that he is in fact the Messiah of MMA at that point?