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Rampage: I Want To Take My Opponents Out, Not Have The Best Gameplan


Yesterday, Rampage Jackson officially signed with Bellator FC, beginning a new career with not only a new MMA promotion, but a true attempt at multimedia success. MMA H.E.A.T. caught up with Rampage for an interview, and he immediately began to touch on aspects outside of MMA such as a new movie that is loosely based around some events that Rampage went through in Japan.

Jackson also discussed his involvement with TNA wrestling, following King Mo’s footsteps in becoming a crossover star for Viacom. Rampage apparently has always wanted to be a pro wrestler, and it’s tough to deny that his personality would be a perfect fit. He says he wants to work as hard as he can for the kids who love pro wrestling. Rampage hasn’t begun to train in pro wrestling yet, but he acknowledges the many tricks that he must learn.

The former Pride and UFC champion touches on his disdain for fighters fighting not to lose, noting that he wants to go out there and take his opponent out. Jackson admits that he may lose some of those wars, but he’ll never be a fighter focused on concocting the perfect gameplan. Rampage reveals that Belltor bought him a new Performance S Tesla to add to his collection of rides.

Even though Vladimir Matyushenko recently signed with Bellator, Jackson notes that he won’t face off with him because Matyushenko was actually one of his wrestling coaches in college. He wished his former coach all of the best in his new promotion. 


  • We know Rampage, and that's why you're not even a top 10 fighter any more. Still, I hope you do though.

  • I agree with Rampage, I don't even understand the concept of a game-plan. I mean what is there to plan, I go in and the the other guy goes in and we fight. People call it a "plan" but it should be called a strategy. Plans change strategies should not.

  • Rampage, free on SPIKE, is a no-brain'er as a buy.

  • What a joke. Rampage is where he now belongs in the minor leagues. Sorry but all fights are about strategy. Even toe to toe rock em sock em robots. What Rampage is really saying is he wants easier fights and matchups. That's why he got schooled by Jones, Bader an Glover.

    • Got schooled? Everyone's gonna WEAK comments!!
      Did anyone see rampage on TNT? He was a bit soft-spoken also trying to be a bit fan friendly, All he needs to do is be his fun-loving self, thats alway cracking jokes and clowning people around, He's already a character! Anyone that YouTube's Rampage/Funny could find out for themselves! I just want to wish him the best in Bellator!

      • Sorry but I don't agree. ******* reporting and sexually harassing, coupled with bullying and intimidating people on the street is NOT fun loving. He clearly has some issues, not to mention him going crazy in his car and hitting cars and allegedly causing a woman to have a miscarriage

  • Well, thats MMA fans for you. Reading these comments, its pretty clear MMA fans are the most fickle of all sports.

    Its like Jordan retiring and people saying he's too washed up to play, Wayne Gretzky how in his last seasons was only an assist guy, or how Brett Farve was traded from green bay cuz he couldnt hold his spot anymore. Oh wait, those sports have real fans.

    These sports are less demanding then MMA. But when your bodies gave out and they are at the tail end of their careers. Their fans, still respected them.

    In MMA? ~scrolls up at comments and shakes head~

  • Rampage wants to go toe to toe and put on a show.

    Most the guys he fought in the ufc just wanted to out point him and put on a snooze fest.

    No Rampage won't be the best again but hes an exciting fighter when he's given a tough guy to fight like Wanderlei

  • What happened to Rampage. There's nothing with wanting to finish fights, but quit whining about fighters not willing to play to your strengths.

    Having the best game plan and taking guys out can work really well together. Look at JDS. He makes opponents get into stand up wars because his takedown defense is so good.

    • Woops "nothing wrong with wanting to finish fights"

    • Rampage is ignorant, he thinks he should be handed fighters with no wrestling and lesser hands, he wants the belt handed to him. He thinks the sport shouldn't evolve and we should go back to the days of fat bar room brawlers with no gloves and groin shots legal. I don't understand how someone in a FIGHT can complain about the other person not standing still and letting themselves get hit. Do I agree point fighters are boring? for the most part yeah, but it's something I've understood since the beginning and it can't ruin the sport for me because of all the other fighters out there that don't do that and really perform everytime. Just because someone uses a smart gameplan doesn't mean they aren't trying to finish. Some fighters we all know don't try to finish they just try and hold on til the decision but it's part of fighting and when you decide to be a professional fighter you're going to have to deal with it. that would be like a wrestler saying it's unfair these guys can punch me in the face… just because it's not part of YOUR style doesn't make it not a part of fighting

  • Blah blah blah…… Bigmouth Quinton is back at it again, talking a blue streak about how he is going to do this and that. Moving to HW there chubby? Wonder why, you lazy douche.