Chael Sonnen Talks To Sportscenter, Hilarity Ensues

Chael Sonnen Talks To Sportscenter, Hilarity Ensues


Chael Sonnen recently appeared on ESPN’s Sportscenter to promote his UFC 159 bout with Jon Jones. Needless to say, Sonnen had some song and dance to put on. The former Middleweight title challenger pretty much took the show hostage and started rhyming for the bewildered Sage Steele.

As much as Sonnen makes me laugh, I can’t help but wonder if he doesn’t take ‘Bones’ seriously. On the other hand it could all be a mind game, and with Sonnen it is most likely a bit of both. Regardless of uncle Chael’s mind state, the guy can really make me laugh.

Check out the full video, in all it’s awkward glory and stay tuned to Lowkick!

As well as the above “interview” Sonnen and Jones also had a face to face segment on the show, you can check out that video below.

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  • grandslam

    Talk is Cheap Cheal.

    • rabble

      Except when you're Chael Sonnen and get paid thousands of dollars to talk.

      • Bryan Fontez

        I agree. It's actually very expensive and you couldn't be more wrong lol.

        • Dabs

          Chael should be a rapper…he's got the lyrics.

      • silvaisking2321

        Lol in our country he might get sued now from parnets who's kid buy it now w/o asking cause uncle chael said it was ok!

  • KeithFarrell

    There has been an article written, blasting Chael and making out that he was being incredibly racist and insulting in his personal interview.

    Please leave a comment on the article letting the guy know how wrong he is, try to do it professionaly if you can, when critisng someone a professional comment will always hit harder than absuive hate.

    Do your best guys.

    • knn03

      would love to see Corky's response to the comments.

    • enjoylife321

      Some idiot is looking for attention off Chael's name. Chael was simply flirting, paying a compliment, nothing racist about that.

    • turdcologne

      Incredibly racist and insulting? Are you serious? We've become a nation of pansies. You can't say anything anymore without someone feeling like they were insulted or got their feelings hurt. And the liberal flower children we call our media will spin just about any comment into a story about racism or sexism.

      Fu*king cunts!

      • Evan Holober

        Oh jeez. The other side of stupid. It's prevalent on both sides of the political spectrum.

        • turdcologne


    • silvaisking2321

      Have u not heard chael talk??? I'm sure he has said some racist stuff!


    I hope Bones make Chael swallow all his teeth.

    • HunterB

      I hope you have saved money on your car insurance in the past year.

      • Entity

        I like paskettios. 8)

  • fight fan

    All those niceties and random rhythmic ramblings sound like someone who wants to minimize an oncoming asswhipping by not ******* of the person who is about to do it.