During a recent MetroPCS chat session, UFC President Dana White revealed that he offered Middleweight champion Anderson Silva an 8-fight contract extension recently, and that offer drew quite the adamant response from the longtime P4P king. Silva apparently wants to extend his career further than White's proposed 8 fights and asked for a 10-fight extension.


At 37 years old, Silva is nearing the point where most fighters would be winding down their careers, hopefully not being knocked out left and right like some formerly indestructible fighters.


However, Silva is no regular man and really hasn't taken the amount of damage that many fighters in the UFC have. He is undefeated, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a fight where he looked at all beat up by the end. Even when Chael Sonnen nailed him with over 300 strikes, Silva looked like he just woke up, not like he just got out of a war.


So, it is conceivable that Anderson Silva will fight ten more times in the UFC. Right now, the obvious candidates for his next bout are the superfights available with Jon Jones and Georges St-Pierre. There appears to be much red tape in getting either of thee bouts to take off, but even with that the case, Silva could defend his Middleweight belt against any number of challengers at 185 like Chris Weidman, Michael Bisping, or Alan Belcher. He has expressed disdain at the prospect of these Middleweight bouts, citing them as being too small of a scale for the now legendary champion.


Ten more fights featuring Silva will be epic for MMA fans everywhere, and it will be interesting to see if Silva can maintain his era of dominance during this time. He has his legacy established, but does he have to conquer the rest of the challengers at Middleweight to solidify that fully? Some truly huge fights are on the table for Silva right now, let's hope that one of them gets signed soon.