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Anderson Silva completely focused on Weidman, not thinking about anything else


When Dana White mentions something as vague as receiving a phone call from the middleweight champion, it’s very easy to speculate and formulate possibilites or opinions on what exactly was said and took place in the conversation.

The dynamic between Dana and Anderson has been an interesting one riddled with mis-quotes, confusion and down right contradictions. On many occasions Silva has stated things in public or through his manager, in which Dana would eventually counter or clarify with a statement claiming the complete opposite.

When this kind of thing happens, it’s confusing for us as fans and leaves us in the dark regarding the true intentions of the most uNanimously respected fighter in the sport today.

But a more reliable source in Ariel Helwani claimed that he spoke over the phone personally with the champion today and can confirm that Silva claims to be 100% focused on his upcoming UFC 162 opponent Chris Weidman and nothing else. Regarding the phone call made to Dana, Anderson claims he has no interest in fighting Jones at the moment given the task ahead of him and the fact that he’s not exactly sure what Jones even plans on doing.

How long he’ll remain on the shelf due to injury, who his next opponent will be or whether he’ll even stay at 205lbs or move up to heavyweight. We’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds for both men, but the one thing I can say is that the immediate future currently holds more potential than ever before.

The current champions have never been more dominant and are quickly running out of challengers. The time is coming when the only logical option left is to face off the best two fighters on the planet and see what each of them are made of.

And you can bet that myself along with every other hardcore and casual fan a like will be glued to the television set, at the edge of their seat in anticipation of what could potentially be the biggest most lucrative and history making combat sporting events in sports history.


  • yeah i think silva should concentrate on weidman because he is getting old and slow, but i think weidman will destroy silva, he has 0 % of winning this fight, that's why he's calling out cung le because cung le is an old dude that has the same age as he has, but there's no dodging now, silva is getting to lost this fight by a big embarrassment.

    • Anderson Silva's getting slow? dude.. i don't know what you been watching but it's sure as hell ain't no MMA. Silva hasn't slowed down ONE BIT! If anything, his Jedi reflexes and striking accuracy improved. You're probably a Hockey fan, stick to that!

      • …. I'm not sure what being a fan of hockey as to do with his comments.

        That was ignorant. Hockey is the fastest most exciting team sport in the world. It's even more dangerous and brutal than MMA to be honest.

        Horrible comparison, it's very obvious you don't know anything about hockey.

        • I'm not bashing Hockey or anything, but it's not the most exciting sport in the World, sorry. Well, I guess it depends on where you're from.

          As for Silva/Weidman, well, Weidman will be lucky to even see the end of the second round.

          Silva via devastating KO – round 2.

        • Yo BFonz out here in Cali where the weather is always nice, indoor sports like hockey & arena football is not highly profiled like outdoor sports, when the LA Kings won the crown last year, it was forgotten about less than a week later. The NBA on the other hand is a star studded affair. Golf is way more popular out here than MMA & golf *****.

        • what is hockey im not familiar with it, how come its more brutal? is its fighting to the death? first time to hear this word, i think im the only fan of an mma in our country,

    • I think we all need to ruin Baby Ads consistent and extremely WEAK attempts of trolling these comment boards and only click sharp and agree with everything he has to say from now on.

      Also never listen to anything Anderson Silva says to the media, though this is standard pre-fight rhetoric he likes to mess with everyone. Trust what Dana White says Anderson says not what Anderson actually says lol.

  • Patrick, Patrick, Patrick. When will you ever wise up. 0%? Are you absolutely nuts? I could see someone thinking Anderson would lose but I also could see Jones losing to sheer skill. Anyone that says Anderson has no chance is a complete nut hugger and is blinded by that fact. When you develop from a baby to a man you will comprehend things a little more. I give Anderson the advantage in a superfight with Jones after seeing Machida vs Jones. Anderson is much harder to put away than anyone Jones has faced and is a master of using his moment in a fight. Jones has plenty to learn from Silva in terms of sheer skill. If Jones wins it will be because of size and Anderson will likely be the P4P king still unless Jones absolutely destroys him.

    • If you want to see what a real nuthugger post is falcon I suggest you read your own.

      Some people see Jones' wrestling being too much for Silva. Others think Silva's striking will be too much for Jones to cope with. I personally think Jones will destroy Silva but that doesn't mean I don't think Silva has a chance. Anyone with the timing and accuracy he possesses combined with his speed has a chance against any man on the planet. His MMA striking really is that good. |However, Jones' defense is far better than few give him credit for. He isn't as good as Silva in terms of timing but that's partly because he tries many unorthodox shots and also because for timing of shots he is nowhere near Silva. But he uses a style that absolutely dominates and is one of the fewest hit fighters in the UFC I think so. Machida has come closest to troubling Jones in the stand up and that was avoiding everything on the back foot and waiting patiently for an opening. I'd expect a similar gameplan from Silva but that basically leaves him vulnerable to Jones making a mistake as if he leaves no openings to exploit Silva will be running for 25 minutes. And at some point Jones will likely gets his hands on him, take him down and finish him.

      • Anderson is too slick on the ground for Jones to do what he normally does there. Jones has fought no one with Anderson's bottom game. I don't see Anderson being very offensive off of his back but Jones will not be able to do a lot of damage like he usually does. On the feet he will get destroyed. The only way Jones wins is via lay-n-pray. I'll have Andy via KO in the third or fourth round.

      • I read my own and i said I can see why some would say Jones will win. Then I read Baby Ads and see him give Silva a 0% chance. Who you callin a hugger?

    • dont ever mention anderson silva to jon jones, jones is going to destroy him easily, look what he did to chael, i mean chael just kinda take down easily anderson and look what jon jones to chael, i mean he is nothing of a challenge at all.

  • It is far better for Silva to fight Weidmen first. This is the best preparation the middle weight division can offer before challenging Jones. If Weidman can take Silva down and beat him Jones will take him down and kill him.

    • Well put. I don't think Wiedman has any chance of beating Anderson but he is a very good prep fight for fighting Jones. I hadn't thought of that.

  • Everytime Silva fights all the haters come out. Until Silva loses or if he ever loses again you should probably keep your opinions to yourself. Weideman is a great talent but we are talking about the GOAT. In a fight anything can happen but for some reason when Silva fights it's his hand that is raised.

  • Weidman will soon find out that Silva is not that dumptruck Munoz quick fast & in a hurry. He will be back down fighting in prelims in no tizime

  • Every fighter with any brains says this and believes it. If Silva wasn't completely focused on Weidman I would be concerned.

  • Chael Sonnen's biggest mistake was the spinning backfist. If he did not throw that punch, he may have dominated Silva the next 4 rounds. CW's wrestling is superior. I really think he has the best chance of defeating AS. But AS is very dangerous, striking or on the ground. 51-49, Weidman. 🙂

    • Silva was finding his rhythm and stuffing Chael's take down attempts. He was also uninjured. Chaels brutal defeat was inevitable. The spinning back fist to stumble step just sped it up.