Alistair Overeem will look to make a comeback from his loss to Antonio Silva, when he steps in to the octagon at UFC on FS1: Boston to face Travis Browne. The Reem has been the subject of much scrutiny since his failed drug tests and subsequent suspension.

After missing out on a title eliminator match with Junior Dos Santos, Overeem fought against Antonio Silva. UFC 156 was quite an eye opener for the Dutchman, who suffered a shattering KO defeat. Overeem was on hand to talk with to outline his future plans:

“Very happy, very pleased to be back, It’s just a matter of time in my sense. We still have one more mountain to climb, that’s Bigfoot. But to be honest, I do not see any problem and then yes it’s going to be an exciting day.”

Another fight with Bigfoot would certainly be an interesting affair, especially as the first bout left a few questions floating around.

“There’s always pressure,” said Overeem. “There’s always tension; I like that. That is my fuel, but every fight it’s a change, you just need to get the job done. I just believe even if the title will be a few fights away, I’m always focused on my next battle. Winning the next fight is the most important thing.”

It is very important that Overeem is not overlooking Browne, if his fight with BF taught us anything it’s just that. Browne is just as big, if not more of a threat on the feet than Bigfoot, and Overeem will have his questionable chin tested if his hands are low.

A win over Browne probably wouldn’t earn AO a title shot, in fact it really shouldn’t, but it will put him straight in to the mix in a shallow division.