Recently a video emerged where Quinton “Rampage” Jackson took great exception to UFC commentator Joe Rogan’s analysis of his fighting style. He spent a good amount of time of the interview with Fighters Only tearing into Rogan with one of the highlights being, “He's so one-dimensional, he's so one-dimensional' - he's going on about jiu-jitsu the whole time. That's why I'm like, 'Oh here comes Joe Rogan' and he's all fake in his face like he's not just picked apart your whole game like he's the best fighter in the world and he knows every decision you're gonna make while he is just sitting there watching you." – for more see FightersOnly

The subject of Jackson’s derision, Rogan, answered the criticism during his podcast, saying, among other things, “He’s got the toughest f---ing job on the planet. There’s a lot of pressure and a lot of stress involved in being a fighter, and the last thing I want to do is add more pressure and add more stress. All I’m doing is trying to just [analyze] the fight…I can’t protect someone’s feelings at the expense of doing what I’m suppose to be doing, which is sort of analyzing what is going on.

 For Rogan’s full response please check the video: