Yoel Romero Addresses PED Accusations


UFC middleweight title contender Yoel Romero has addressed this issue.

If you recall, the top-ranked fighter failed an out of competition drug test in early 2016 that led to a six-month suspension.

Once that suspension was announced, there were some fight fans and even fighters who quickly threw out accusations at him for being a blatant cheater. The thing that people forget is the fact that USADA was convinced it was due to a tainted supplement.

Former middleweight champions Michael Bisping and Chris Weidman have gone on record by taking jabs at Romero for this issue.

It’s obvious that Romero does have an impressive physique. However, Romero claims it is a product of great genetics that all Cubans naturally have and not by cheating.

Romero recently appeared on longtime UFC color commentator Joe Rogan’s MMA Show alongside Joey Diaz.

During that appearance, he noted that he is willing to prove his theory by having people from his home country for them to personally see it.

“After (the failed drug test) happened, I’ve thought many times to invite people to come to Cuba for about 20 days,” Romero told Joe Rogan during a recent episode of the JRE MMA Show podcast (transcript courtesy of Bloody Elbow).

“I wanted the people (to) see because the genetics of Cubans (are off the charts). And not (just) for the athletic people, normal (people as well). You need to see (all of it) with an open mind.”

Romero further argued that the use of performance-enhancing drugs makes it impractical due to the fact it will cost a lot of money for athletes in Cuba.

“Do you know how much you need to pay for the steroids? Come on, man,” Romero said. “The people don’t have (the money).”