Dana White: Jones is not ready for a title shot just yet

Jon “Bones” Jones is coming off the biggest win in his career, when he defeated Brandon Vera via TKO in the first round at UFC Versues: Jones Vs Vera. Jones holds a record of 10-1 with the only loss coming in the form of a disqualification because Jones landed a illegal elbow to Hamill cutting Hamill open. Even though it has been a meteoric rise for the young superstar, Dana White feels he is not ready for a title shot just yet.
“I’d like to see him get another year under his belt,” White said following

"The Rumble" is not imppressed with Doomsday

Anthony Johnson was set to face John Howard at UFC Live: Vera Vs Jones, but he had to pull out due to a shoulder injust and was replaced by Daniel Roberts. Howard was able to KO Roberts in two min. However, even after that impressive KO, Johnson felt that Howard lacked stand up skills and feels Howard does not belong in the UFC.
“Howard ain’t got no stand-up at all. He’s lucky Roberts wasn’t stronger or he probably would have gotten submitted. Howard is soft; he doesn’t belong in the UFC. I will be glad to

Gomi Gives his thoughts on fighting for the UFC and his biggest concern

Tankanori Gomi holds an impressive record of 31-5 which include notable fighters like: Aurelio, Sakurai, Azeredo, Pulver and Kawajiri. He is the former Pride Lightweight Champion and also, holds the fastest knockout in Pride FC history. Gomi will be making his long awaited debut in the UFC, where he will be facing Kenny Florian at UFC: Fight Night on March 31. There are many difference in fighting in Pride and UFC, Gomi gives his thoughts on some of them.
When asked about the difference in the overall